Drain Relining and Its Benefits


There is nothing that worries homeowners more than drain problems that need urgent repair. This is because the replacement process is costly and tedious. This process often involves digging up extensively around your building, causing massive destruction, increasing the repair cost. Indeed, this is a situation no homeowner wants to find themselves in.

However, when it happens, you have to act with speed and get it addressed. Alternatively, you can contemplate drain relining. This method involves no digging, and it may be the perfect remedy to all your troubles. The beauty about it is that it avoids all of the issues related to conventional pipe and drain repairs.

With that said, let’s delve into what is drain relining and its potential benefits.

What is meant by drain relining?

It is a technique of fixing faulty drainage pipes by inserting a brand new pipe known as a lining into the old defective pipe without embarking on the traditional excavation method. This method applies a No-Dig technology which uses a type of drain sleeve resembling a glass-reinforced plastic.

It is applicable in repairing leaking joints and radical cracks resulting from blockages. In addition, it is very successful in preventing root intrusion, which is prevalent among clay drainage pipes.

Benefits of Drain Relining

Minimal Property Disruption

No homeowner is at ease when it comes to the idea of digging up and excavating the property in order to repair a faulty drain. This is because of the extreme damage it can cause to the lawn, garden, and even pathways due to the continued disruption. However, the beauty about a drain relining service provided by BDS Drainage is that it uses a No-Dig technology. It allows for the rectification of drain and pipes flaws without any form of excavation. It is minimally intrusive, which indicates that the problems are solvable without any form of digging.

Cost-Effective Remedy

The primary reason why many people are reluctant to replace drains and pipes is that the entire process is very costly. Many homeowners have a limited spend to cater to such extensive repairs. Fortunately, with the invention of drain relining technology, the cost involved in this process has been significantly reduced compared to the traditional method. Since there is minimal digging and destruction to the property, the repair work will be adequately reduced, thereby minimizing repair expenses. Therefore, the money spent on repairs will be significantly reduced.

Boost Flow Rates

In the long run, pipes and drains flow rate can be compromised. However, this does not necessarily call for replacement. Drain relining allows for the addition of a smooth surface. This is meant to ensure the build-up of mineral deposits does not become a concern. Simply put, there should be a smooth flow of water in drains and pipes without any hiccups. The good thing regarding drain relining is that it is a dependable and long-lasting remedy. Put differently, drain relining has an extensive lifespan which makes it a worthwhile investment.

Prevention of Tree Root Issues

Many people are unaware that tree roots can give rise to several issues. Their intrusion into pipes marks the cause of endless problems bedeviling drains and pipes. However, there is a lot you can do if there are plenty of trees on your property. Having the system sealed is the most effective and long-lasting solution to this problem. This will ensure there will be no more leaks or tree intrusions into pipes and drains. The existing gaps and cracks will be sealed, streamlining the flow of water.

Restoration of the System to its Initial Condition

Once again, no homeowner wants to spend on new drains and pipes when they are fixable. Luckily, with the drain relining process, this is unnecessary. The process is renowned for restoring the system into its initial state. This is achievable without spending a fortune to replace the entire drain and pipes, thanks to the drain-reining technology.

If you are looking for drain repairs in Kent and the surrounding areas, look no further than BDS Drainage. We boast experience of over 20 years in the provision of drain solutions, and that’s why we are highly rated in Kent and its environs.

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