Dropshipping vs. E-commerce Fulfillment: FunPinPin Tells You the Difference


The way people start and run businesses has changed as a result of the internet. It has lowered the risk of doing business, and anyone can start and maintain a business online with a small investment. Despite the fact that the online business is quite complicated, there are two primary techniques of product fulfillment: dropshipping and e-commerce fulfillment. If you’re not sure what these phrases mean, keep reading since FunPinPin explains the differences in this article. So, let’s get started. 

The e-commerce marketplace

An e-commerce marketplace is a location or website where customers may browse for items from a variety of merchants, individuals, and businesses. In the simplest words, it is a website where buyers and sellers may communicate with one another, and transactions can be completed online. Many e-commerce marketplaces are functioning today, with pioneers such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, and FunPinPin.

Dropshipping and its advantages 

The first method of order fulfillment is dropshipping, in which a business is not required to keep the products in stock. Instead, the businesses pass on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer. It can be simplified into three main steps:

  1. The buyer places an order with a dropshipping retailer.
  2. The retailer processes the order and forwards the order to the wholesaler.
  3. The wholesaler ships the order to the customer directly.

Dropshipping has several advantages, including lower startup costs, scalability, extensive product selections, flexibility, and so on. As a result, most individuals think to themselves, “Oh cool, this is an easy scheme to get rich.” But hold on, except for the benefits, dropshipping also has several drawbacks, like increased competition, a lack of control over the supply chain, legal responsibility difficulties, and the difficulty of building a brand, to mention a few.

E-commerce fulfillment and its advantages 

The next popular method of online business is e-commerce fulfillment, in which products are delivered directly to the customers without the involvement of third-party suppliers. In this model of online business, you are in complete control of the supply chain; you receive orders, process them, and deliver products on time. As opposed to dropshipping, you need to keep the products in stock to make sure the products are delivered on time. Besides, you’ll have to find the best online store platform to start your business. There are many advantages of e-commerce fulfillment, such as:

  1. Higher margins
  2. Less complicated supply chain
  3. The supply chain is under control.
  4. Overall control of product quality

E-commerce fulfillment and its advantages

Dropshipping vs. e-commerce fulfillment: which is better?

The distinction between dropshipping and e-commerce should now be clear. Which is the better alternative? The majority of today’s business owners are asking this question. Synthesize the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the above. It’s obvious that e-commerce fulfillment is better than dropshipping since it allows for complete control over product quality. Furthermore, e-commerce fulfillment provides you with a larger profit margin. Because it is tough to create a brand through dropshipping due to significant competition, e-commerce provides a simple approach to start and operate a business online.

FunPinPin: an excellent e-commerce site builder you can’t miss 

Suppose you are looking for a reliable e-commerce site builder to build your online store. What can be a better option than FunPinPin, which is primarily built to assist small business owners in developing their online dream store? To help reach thousands of potential clients and increase revenue on sales, FunPinPin offers marketing assistance. The other advantages of using FunPinPin includes:

  1. Easy shop setup; you can create your shop in less than 15 minutes.
  2. Free extensions
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. The one-page checkout allows customers to have a smooth checkout experience, thus increasing conversion.
  5. FunPinPin reduces the risk of site closure and capital requirements.
  6.  It is built on the Google Cloud Platform to ensure high speed.

FunPinPin- an excellent e-commerce site builder you can’t miss


FunPinPin is the best e-commerce platform for cloud website development, website maintenance, intelligent marketing, capital management, and customized services. Business owners may use FunPinPin to reach more audiences, establish their brand, and retain consumers. Become a member of FunPinPin today and start creating the websites of your dreams! You are welcome to contact FunPinPin to get more detailed information about your online business.

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