Dubai’s Best Kept Secrets for the Wanderlust!

A nation of Sheikhs and rich locals who own the most costly vehicles, Dubai has figured out how to change from being a Bedouin land to a genuine city that pulls in individuals from everywhere throughout the world, for both business and leisure.

From the tallest structure on Earth to a ski resort and just incredibly amazing developments all over the place, Dubai is as of now popular for having the greater part of the most, which is the thing that most travellers are searching for when they plan an outing to Dubai. With the advent of online Dubai tourist visa, people can easily get an opportunity to visit the amazing city but do you know there are many mystery spots that people haven’t discovered? These hidden gems combine both adventure and culture gifting any traveller a truckload of memories of an awesome vacation.

Read on to find a totally different side to this fabulous city

The Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

Home to probably the most sizzling and harshest deserts on Earth, Dubai is a well-known goal for rising slamming and desert safaris.

Be that as it may, not many individuals realize that, in Abu Dhabi, there are almost 110 of mangrove woods, inhabited by hundreds of bird, animal and reptile species. It is an interesting spot that breaks with numerous nation generalizations and one reason why individuals have made due in this district for centuries as, for a long time, they have been where neighbourhood Bedouins and different networks could get wood, just as various types of nourishment.

You can visit the mangroves on a day trip from Dubai and the activities remember riding for a doughnut boat and kayaking through the tight water paths normally moulded by the vegetation, which is a truly cool activity.

The doughnut boat costs 300AED (81USD) and the kayak 130AED (35USD)

Scrumptious dine in the desert

You can lay back and savour your favourite food among the dunes at Bab Al Shams. This intricate desert resort offers a very little known delicious package that’s absolutely perfect for a proposal or even rekindling the romance.

Dig Daga Farms

Situated 114 kilometres from Dubai in Ras al Khaimah Emirate, Dig Daga is where the tricky sand dunes are replaced by greenery and amazingly cultivated land.

Dig Daga is an amazing picnic zone that draws in numerous nearby Emiratis, so it could be your opportunity to at long last collaborate with them, something very hard to do when you are in Dubai.

In addition, you can likewise visit a portion of the ranches where you can buy fresh dairy products.

Eat for a good cause at Dusit Thani Restaurant 

Decadent dining isn’t the primary thing you’d partner with a noble cause, however, the good people at the Dusit Thani have joined the two in their tom yum Talay (fundamentally a tom yum fish soup).

What make this dish extraordinary are its ingredients – new blue lobster, abalone, turbot and unadulterated gold leaf – which are flown in on solicitation, and you’ll have to arrange 48 hours ahead of time. The dish costs a stunning Dhs 2,200 (authoritatively evaluated at US$600), however, all benefits from the dish go to Dusit Smiles Charity for youngsters with facial distortions. Each bowl ought to have the option to support up to four tasks.

Jebel Jais

Did you realize that in the UAE, there is a 2,000-meter high mountain? Dubai visa for Indians could take an upscale because of the enormous amount of Indian mountaineers and trekkers who would love to visit such spots.

The mountain is called Jebel Jais and it is situated in Ras Al Khaimah emirate. In winter, temperatures may drop down to – 5ºC, so you may even discover some days off. The pinnacle is somewhat shared among Oman and the United Arab Emirates along these lines; at the top, there is a fence isolating the two outskirts. They have also planned to construct the longest zipline in the world. Hence, check out this adventure site before it gets crowded.

The oasis of wonder

Liwa Oasis is an amazing dessert that sits at the edge and start of the well-known Empty Quarter, the biggest constant sand dune on the planet.

Liwa Oasis is found in the southwest of UAE, around 350km from Dubai and 250km from Abu Dhabi, truly near the Saudi Arabian fringe. As a matter of fact, if you continue driving after the desert garden, the street closes at the sandhills themselves, from where you see a tremendous fence, which denotes the border with Saudi Arabia and goes over the desert the extent that your eyes can see.

The desert garden is loaded with palm tree estates, an old fortress and home to a couple of farms where the actual neighbourhood Bedouins live. Bedouins are friendly and extremely respectful. You can have some tea with them and even camel milk!