Easy logo design tips to take your brand to next level


In today’s era, companies thrive to expand and improve their business vastly. An identity becomes very crucial in that case to take your brand to next level. A custom logo plays an important role as an exclusive identity of your brand.

To gain success in business, it is extremely crucial to pay attention on the brand strategy. A custom logo is must for any type of business to set your business apart. It is represented in company’s products or services, advertisements, brochures and marketing collaterals and makes the company to stand out the competition.

Why is logo important?

  • A custom logo from a logo design company has the power to convert your company into a Brand.

  • Logo provides a strong identity to the company. It is Face Of The Brand.

  • It makes brand’s emotions and expectations


  • Hikes up the value of brand among audience and aids growth of company.

  • It builds a sense of loyalty, trust as well as reliability.

  • It makes ambition of brand clear.

Features of a Good Custom Logo

  • A good logo is capable of grabbing attention.

  • It is memorable and leaves a significant mark on the audience.

  • A good logo is simple. Lesser the details, more the effect.

  • It’s Timeless and still makes a significant impression even if time changes.

Easy logo design tips to take your brand to next level 

1. Make it unique 

Custom logo is face of a brand and it builds trust and reliability. It is inappropriate to develop a logo which resembles another brand’s logo so it becomes important to make a unique logo. You can use the Designhill logo maker tool Otherwise, people would relate your brand to other ones.

Before sharing with others do the research work thoroughly about other brands’ logos. Try to avoid similar colour scheme and fonts to give a purely different impression.

Tools such as Google Reverse Image research can provide you results matching with other company logos.

2. Understand your company 

Before you design custom logo for company, you must be aware of what your company exactly deals with. Moreover, ambitions and goals of the company must he crystal clear to create a unique and effective logo. Logo has ability to set you apart and assist in gaining big business audience. Also, it reflects the business.

Learn the core concept- Gaining knowledge about core concept with which company deals is highly needed. The main concept provides visibility on goals and values the company represents. It gives message to the customers about mission and principles of company.

It is responsibility of company to guide its logo designers about core concept.

3. Design in black and white initially

Basically, logo acts as visual representation of the brand. Building a logo in black and white gives a cleaner and clearer picture. It helps you to focus on the message your company conveys.

In the beginning, you should only pay attention on the concept and do not worry about usage of different colours for various elements of the logo.

Choosing right colours from huge variety, at the start can prove to be an overwhelming task for logo creators. It is most appropriate to use colours at a later stage when main figure of logo has been decided and thoroughly worked out.

4. Understand psychology of brain 

Human brain is designed in such a way that it remembers few things in much better way than others. Even a glance can imprint exact image in our brain. Logo designing can be taken to next level if you focus on this idea.

Our brain has different intensity of ability to memorize shapes, colours, images, alphabets and numbers.

Images and shapes get imprinted in our memory and makes the logo more catchy. Colours rank second in this regard and it is hardest to memorize numbers and alphabets.

Try to incorporate shapes to develop a memorable logo and improve your logo design strategy. For instance, Nike and Apple have used shapes and eliminated typing completely.

5. Use complimentary colours and fonts 

Design a unique and catchy logo by using most apt colours from the colour palette.

Follow the rules

  • Use no more than three colours in logo. More colours can paint wrong picture in eyes of audience.

  • Figure out which colours compliment each other. In this way, logo would look more attractive and appealing.

  • Study colour wheel. Colours that are present across each other in the colour wheel compliment each other. Use them in logo to provide an appealing effect.

  • Do not use more than two fonts while designing a logo.

  • Choose fonts which go well with each other.

6. Keep colour theory in mind 

Colour theory represents science and art of using colour. Variety of colour leads to a different effect and impression on human mind. A company must use such colours which present their principles and values among the audience. Here are few colours and qualities they represent-

  • RED- Warmth, Bold, Energy, Aggression(Lego, Coca-Cola)

  • GREEN-Natural, Ethical, Effluence(Tropicana, Animal planet)

  • PINK-Feminine, Tranquil, Loving (Barbie, Orkut)

  • BLUE- Integrity, Trustworthy, Professional, Success (hp, dell)

  • YELLOW- Intellect, Warmth, Optimism, Cheer (Mc Donald’s, Subway)

  • ORANGE- Community, Social, Adventure (Starz, Gulf)

  • PURPLE-Intuitive, Royalty, Creative, Imaginative (Cadbury, Yahoo)

  • BLACK- Strong, Formal, Prestige, Classic, Sophisticated (Apple, Prada, D&G)

  • MULTIPLE COLOURS- Diversity, Inclusion (Google)

This provides you with enough knowledge about which colours to choose while designing a perfect and a unique logo for a brand.

7. Struggle for simplicity

More simple the custom logo, more easier it becomes for audience to recall it. In addition to this, simple and clear logo design is recognizable. Figure out the core concept and stick to it as it assists in representing a clear image of company’s mission.

If logo is simple, it would be easier to represent it on company’s various services which would ultimately attract more audience.

After designing company’s logo, work on removing elements from it to make it simpler. Furthermore, check whether is it still able to represent company’s message and goals. Apple has used this rule perfectly.


7 tips on logo design given above can provide to tremendous results. A custom logo designed by keeping these amazing tips in mind and with smart work would definitely take your brand to next level.

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