Easy Summer Grooming Tips for Your Pet


Having a pet is not an easy responsibility. We can get the idea by the fact that pet owners are often called “Mommy/Daddy”. Keeping an amazing friend and caring for those cute puppy eyes demands special care and attention. I know that you are trying your best to be the best parent to your pet, but there are certain things that you may be doing unknowingly that may prove to be harmful to them.

With summer arriving soon, you need to be extra cautious while taking care of your little furry friends. If you are here, you are already a good parent of your good boy/good girl. To make your journey smoother, here are the 4 grooming tips that you can adopt to treat your pets with care this summer:

1. Strike the right balance with the proper coat length

As it’s summer, it’s natural for most pet owners to give their pets a short coat. This is done in order to save the animal from overheating. Sometimes, this idea backfires and proves harmful to the pet. It happens when there is a mistake in maintaining the right balance with the proper coat length.

If the coat is cut more than it’s required to save the pet from overheating, it can actually result in sunburn. The soft and sensitive skin of pets gets harmed by the sun easily.

To save your pet dog/cat from pain, you should visit a professional who is able to strike the right balance between the proper coat length so your pet enjoys a painless and happy summer. You can also seek help from PETstock Australia, to make sure that your dog is well-groomed to welcome summer!

2. Take special care of their paws

It’s obvious that your four-legged buddy loves long walks. During summer, the ground gets overheated due to the harsh sun rays which can severely burn the paws of your furry friend.

The best thing to do in such cases is to put your hands on the ground for 10 seconds. If your hand is unable to resist the heat, then the ground is not at all suitable for your pet.

Keeping the situation in mind, take your pet for long walks when the ground is cooler. The ground is comparatively cooler during early mornings and late evenings. When it comes to talking your dog to beaches and other outdoor areas, you can put paw wax on their paws to keep their sensitive paws safe from the hot sand.

3. Take your dog to a groomer for the deshedding process

Most of the dogs with double overcoats shed a lot during summers. It’s a natural process that keeps their body cool during the hot sunny days. But this can be a problem for the dog parents. Some dog parents can get frustrated from cleaning their dog’s shedding over and over again.

Ultimately, they decide to shave their dogs which is not a good idea at all. Instead of taking this step, make your dog go through a de-shedding process with the help of a professional groomer. De-shedding helps the dogs to shed less in the summer and also be cool and clean on hot days.

4. heck for ticks and fleas during summertime

You never know when ticks can make a home in your dog’s body without giving any warning signs. Once they make a home in your dog’s body, it can cause dangerous diseases.

The bad news is that ticks thrive during the summertime. The best way to avoid this awful situation is by looking out for ticks in your dog’s body every time you come back after a good stroll outside. You can also use special ticks and fleas’ repellent shampoos that are proved to kill the parasites.

While looking out for these parasites, pay special focus near the head and ears of your furry friend. You can also use special flea combs to take these parasites out of your pet dog’s body.

Over to you…

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 103,996 dog grooming businesses are operating in the United States. The number is increasing rapidly. With such huge numbers, it becomes important to choose the best grooming service out of the huge crowd.


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