Easy Way to Bypass OTP without Your Own Mobile Phone Number


Many websites and apps ask to complete mobile phone number verification with a unique one-time password now. Most often users are compelled to go through this process during registration. It’s not a big deal when there are other ways to sign up for an account. However, if there are none, being unavailable or unwilling to utilize a personal phone number may present significant complications. If for some reason you don’t like this feature, there is an opportunity to buy an online phone number and use it instead.

Online numbers operation principle

For people who are about to start working with such numbers for the first time, they may seem difficult to operate. It is sometimes assumed that using this feature necessitates having a degree or experience in computer science or software development. However, this is far from the truth. It has nothing to do with using online phone numbers.

Essentially, online numbers are classic mobile phone numbers connected to physical SIM cards. In this regard, phone numbers of both types are identical. But there is still a distinction.

Even though online phone numbers have the same number of digits, country dialing codes, and function on the same network, they can only be used via the Internet. You have to use the proper online service for this. It is unquestionably more convenient and less expensive because there is no need to order or go anyplace to purchase a SIM card and everything takes place on the web. The only requirement is to have any device with a network connection.

Service to get such a number

In comparison to earlier years, nowadays obtaining an online number is extremely simple for everyone regardless of goals, financial capabilities, and other factors. There are many platforms that make this feasible. Some of them offer only numbers from specific regions, others support all countries. You can select from a variety of websites and apps that provide such an opportunity for every internet user. The choice is wide and capable of meeting any demand.

However, if you are looking for a universal platform that offers services at a reasonable cost, then take a look at SMS-Man. This company has available numbers from every country. Furthermore, there are over 2500 websites and apps supported for bypassing OTP. You can use it for an appropriate purpose on all popular online services and create Walmart account or an account on such platforms as WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, and many others. Let’s see how to use this platform.

How to bypass OTP using an online phone number?

First and foremost, it is necessary to obtain this number. Using one is far easier than getting it, even though the latter is also not difficult with the right service. SMS-Man has a user-friendly design that allows everyone to operate it without having any experience and complete all necessary steps in a few minutes. Here is what you should do:

  1. Create a personal account on sms-man.com by filling out a short registration form.
  2. Proceed to the main page and select the country from which the online number should originate.
  3. Look for the website or app with which it should be compatible.
  4. Check the price and replenish your balance for an appropriate amount using one of the payment methods shown on the payment tab.
  5. Return to the main page and repeat the preceding steps.
  6. Click on “Buy SMS”.
  7. Get the number.

Your online number will automatically appear on the main page. Simply copy it and proceed to OTP verification on the selected platform and enter the online phone number on hand on the verification form when the platform requests it. It is possible to do so at the registration as well as the verification stage. There is no distinction as both of these processes are about providing and verifying a phone number. Once the number is entered, request the service to send a one-time password. To complete the verification, type the verification code in the appropriate field.


Online phone numbers are a great solution for every person who wants to bypass OTP verification due to one or another reason. They are cheap, easy to use, and can be utilized from anywhere in the world due to their operation on the Internet.

In addition, they are also fully private. You are not required to provide any personal information to take advantage of them. This makes them suitable not only for bypassing OTP but also for increasing confidentiality when using websites and apps. Online numbers completely eliminate the need to disclose your personal mobile phone number on the web. So, if an online service suffers from data leakage or hack, there is nothing to worry about. Your personal phone number won’t get into the wrong hands since it is not even in the database of the affected service.

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