Easy Ways to Create More Storage

Having a lot of clutter in your home can make your life feel more hectic than it needs to be. For people with smaller spaces, having excess clutter around can make it especially difficult to move freely around your home, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unorganized. If you’re finding your piece of Charlotte real estate looking a bit overcrowded, here are a few easy ways to create more storage and make more space in your home.

Store Extra Stuff in Ottomans

Storing your extra clutter in ottomans is a trendy and discreet way to clean up your space. Things like blankets, toys, and anything else laying around the house can be easily tucked away in an ottoman, and your guests will never know what’s inside! For a pop of color, go for ottomans in fun colors and patterns to jazz up your space. Ottomans double as both helpful storage hideaways and cute decor pieces, so have fun with this. You can purchase inexpensive but stylish ottomans at stores like Target, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods, making this storage hack accessible to everyone!

Elevate Your Bed

The area under your bed provides ample opportunity for extra storage. If your bed is too close to the floor and you can’t fit anything underneath, purchase some inexpensive bed risers to elevate your bed and create a bigger storage space. Once your bed is elevated, slide a few storage boxes underneath to keep clothing items you aren’t getting use out of. You can also use vacuum bags to seal your off-season clothing, blankets, and anything else you don’t need immediate access to for a while. These bags are great ways to declutter your space and store things you’re not currently using, so be sure to pick up a few at your local Target or similar store.  If you really need extra space then check out self storage in West Palm Beach FL as a great option.

Build More Storage

When all else fails, build your own storage unit! Depending on what you need to store, it can be difficult to find storage methods that work for you. To solve this, don’t be afraid to get crafty and build your own storage system. To get started, choose the rooms in your home that could use the most organization. If your living room is cluttered, for example, build a few shelves above your TV for a multi-purpose space that both looks nice and also gets unnecessary clutter off of the floor. This can also be applied to other areas of your home, such as your bedroom or bathroom. Taking matters into your own hands and building storage units that suit your unique needs is a great way to decrease the amount of clutter in your home while also adding cute new features to your space!