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Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid is an educational program with a great track record for teaching consumers a range of content in the form of medical modules. Just in the last year it has created and promoted programs on technologies that fight cancer, mental health treatment, the battle against COVID, amazing cardiovascular surgery advances and more. A top development team works to secure such high-quality content by working with leading thinkers in their fields, all of whom have had a part to play in the program that plays around various stations around the country. As observed by a Viewpoint spokesperson they are proud to have some of the top minds in medicine work to create a platform that offers comprehensive education in relation to various fields, including medical progress.

Cardiovascular Care and Solutions

One of the parts of this series focuses on Cardiovascular Care and Solutions. Over the last three decades, there have been great advances in this area in particular with cardiovascular surgery. These advances are especially noticeable in urban areas though, so Viewpoint Dennis Quaid went to rural areas and spoke to healthcare providers with a particular focus on cardiovascular care and how it has advanced there. It also takes a look at how some of the top surgeons and specialists from around the globe are moving to rural areas and bringing their skills and knowledge with them.

COVID-19 and infectious disease advances

Another interesting component of this series also looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the processes taken during patient care as well as looking at technologies that have improved that. This includes things like cleanliness practices that improve the safety of a workspace, creating airflow to better control the risk of contamination, sterilizing spaces patients share and keeping healthcare workers safer as well as their patients. Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid shows how improvements and advances in operational protocols and improved cleanliness can reduce infection with COVID as well as with other infectious illnesses.

Mental health focus for now and the future

Then there is the ability to use public education on TV to consider the very important topic of mental health. Anxiety and depression and other mental health issues were on the rise even prior to the pandemic. Then along comes the pandemic and people are feeling fearful, having to stay at home and now mental health has become a huge worry. Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid has worked on a series looking at breaking the silence around mental health and how treatment has become more prevalent as the issues are de-stigmatized. The ultimate goal is that people who need medical help or counselling can be seen when they need it. This content was created with the support and input of mental health professionals. It looks at distanced healthcare options, other treatment options and topics and their effectiveness and what the future looks like.


For people around the world medical care is an important topic. With Viewpoint Dennis Quaid you can hear various stories, get different perspectives and have issues in different sectors highlighted by several experts in their fields. It is a great platform to look at what patients need, breakthroughs that have been made and the latest in ideas and theories.

About Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

The team behind this educational program has worked for more than two decades in educational television as well as having experience with high-end commercial content and the production of feature documentaries. Every story is developed by the producers making sure that the educational aspect of the story is accurate according to the current understanding of medicine. Together the professional team of writers, editors, videographers and more have won a multitude of awards for the work they have done on TV, and have received further accolades from collaborators and distributors.

This series is hosted by actor Dennis Quaid, who himself has made a huge contribution to the entertainment industry over the last four decades. From thrillers to dramas, action and more he has an impressive industry record and his talent gives real weight to Viewpoint. If you would like to know more or even watch past episodes you can head to



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