Effective Strategies for Blackjack


Playing blackjack may seem complicated for beginners, as you would always have to think about what move to do for every card combination while also thinking about the dealer’s up card. However, it is actually a relatively easy game to play if you know its fundamentals. If you have played against veterans or even other beginners, you will notice that it is quite difficult to win a round or a match even though you have understood the basics of the game. Fortunately, there are several aspects of blackjack that would affect your chances of winning, and it is up to you to exploit those aspects and make them as advantages. Here are several effective strategies for blackjack so that you will be able to win more.

Learn the Basic Patterns

Blackjack is a game of patterns, which means that you would often have to memorize patterns for card combinations. For example, if you have a pair of 8s on your hand, that is a pattern that would have a corresponding move, and for this case, you would always have to split (separate two cards of the same number or value into two hands). Patterns are a part of basic blackjack strategies, so you would need to memorize them in order to win more. Here are some of the patterns that you should know and the move that you should do if ever you encounter them:

  • Double down (increase your bet) on a Hard 11
  • Hit (take another card) if you have cards that have a total value of 12 to 16 whenever the dealer has an up card of 7 or higher
  • Stand (keep your hand) if you have cards that have a total value of 12 to 16, but the dealer has an up card of 2 to 6
  • Split 8s and Aces
  • Never Split 5s or 10s

These blackjack strategy patterns can be hard to memorize for beginners, so you should keep a strategy card or notes with you whenever you are playing at an online blackjack table.

Don’t Bet on Insurance

Don’t Bet on Insurance

An insurance bet will be offered by the dealer if he or she has an Ace as the up card. This type of blackjack betting system would allow you to bet on the dealer’s cards, which will allow you to win some coins if ever the dealer’s hand wins in the table. Dealers would ask all players if they want to bet insurance before the player at the first seat moves, thus giving everyone an opportunity to bet on the dealer’s hand if ever it wins.

At first glance, the insurance on blackjack may seem like a great chance for players to get money since having an Ace in the dealer’s hand will produce a winning combination. Unfortunately, it is not actually a good move to bet on insurance, as there is also a chance that the dealer’s card may exceed 21 or just not have a winning hand at all. So, if you and the dealer have losing hands, you won’t be able to win anything, and you will already lose two bets. As such, it is best to stay away from insurance and not bet on it.

Take Advantage of Your Position on the Table

The seat you are taking at the blackjack table is just as important as the cards on your hand, as it will give you an opportunity to either make the first move or have more time to think about your game plan. If you are sitting on the first base seat, which is always located to the right of the dealer, you will be able to receive the first set of cards, thus allowing you to make the first move without being influenced by your opponents’ card. In fact, you will actually be the one creating the tempo on the table, as your opponents would have to think about your cards while also minding the dealer’s hand. However, the downside to taking the first base seat is that you won’t have time to think about your moves, so make sure that you have already memorized patterns and card combinations before taking this seat.

If you choose to take the last seat or the furthest seat to the left of the dealer, you will have more time to think about your moves, which is advantageous for beginners that haven’t yet memorized basic blackjack strategy patterns and or not yet familiar with how to bet blackjack. So, if you need time to make moves with your cards, you can take the last seat if it is still unoccupied. The drawback to sitting on the last seat is that your moves would be influenced by every player’s hand, so you may have difficulty thinking about strategies since you would have to mind all the cards that are on the table. The first and last seats at the blackjack tables have their share of advantages and disadvantages on strategies and the blackjack betting system, so it is up to you to gauge if the cons of one seat can be hidden or compensated by your skills.

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