Effective Ways to Boost Brain Power

Our brains are the control stations of our bodies. Like every other machine, it needs a battery refilling from time to time to continue working properly. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, it’s not that easy to set aside a huge chunk of time just to switch it off and think about nothing. Because of that, here are some ways to boost its power and let it develop in the right way.

Adding Supplements to Your Daily Routine

The type of substances that increase learning capacity, brain cell protection, concentration, faster brain processing, reducing anxiety, and overall help your brain stay sharp and healthy are called nootropics. They come in three different forms, the most popular being caffeine. As can be seen in Mind Lab Pro Analysis, some nootropic supplements can even increase your neuron growth. You can safely add them to your diet, as they are made of a combination of natural ingredients like plants, mushrooms, and vitamins.

Healthy Diet

The most important thing for the normal function of any bodily system is hydration. In this case, by drinking lots of water you increase the flow rate of oxygen in your bloodstream, which makes it easier to reach your brain and increase its productivity. When we talk about food, the main ingredient for boosting your brainpower are omega-3 acids which can be found in fish, seafood, walnuts, spinach, broccoli, soybeans, and many more healthy foods. One more type of drink that you may not have considered before is green tea, but the fact is that it was proven that it is extremely healthy and contains caffeine.

Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness

There have been numerous studies done on the correlation between staying physically and mentally fit. Exercising will make your memory better and, most importantly, prevent nervous system deterioration. Besides playing regular sports or going to the gym, doing yoga is especially useful if you want to relax and lessen the stress, which has a terrible impact on your brain function. Dancing is also useful for your mental development because by learning dance choreography you keep both your body and your mind active.

Brain Exercise

Keeping your mind sharp and active can boost your performance in many ways. If you have trouble calming your thoughts and training your concentration, try meditating. It will relax your brain and help you learn to increase your focus almost on command. Breathing exercises are also a good way to practice your concentration and calming techniques. The studies show that doing puzzles, solving math problems, or using your brain in any way that is active and regular increases the size of your grey brain matter which means that you will maintain the longevity of your brain cells.

Rest and Relaxation

If you have to tackle any hard or demanding task, you need to get a good night of sleep beforehand. Improve your sleeping schedule and you will feel good enough to be able to do whatever you want. A regular adult needs from 7 to 9 hours of rest every night. Otherwise, not only will your problem-solving abilities be compromised, but your ability of critical thinking too. Regular fatigue is one of the most common causes of brain ability deterioration.

Being Creative

We have already talked about how being mentally active exercises your mind, but did you know that the brain is the only organ that you can train and relax at the same time? When you are doing creative activities like writing or drawing, you are actively thinking about what you are creating and at the same time you are clearing your mind of any other thoughts. That will let your nervous system rest and strengthen itself. Using your imagination has the same benefits as mini-meditation.


Socialization and maintaining healthy relationships help in preserving cognitive functions and lower the risk of developing brain diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia later in life. Feelings of loneliness cause multiple damages to your body, like disturbing your sleep, contributing to developing feelings of depression, increasing your blood pressure, and many more. Relationships and even the smallest of interactions can stimulate your brain activity. One more social benefit, as studies show, is humor, as laughing is the best way to relieve stress.

Final Word

Giving yourself time and space and not overworking your mind is the most important thing when you want to keep it healthy and powerful. Every other system in your body is controlled by your nervous system, so the importance of it doesn’t just lie in the ability to focus and accomplish the task you have at hand. Staying sharp and active will increase your longevity significantly. Avoid stress, live healthily and find the perfect hobby and you will keep your mind clear and functional for many many years.