Eight Incorporate These Tricks To Make Your House Seem More Spacious

With compact homes being more popular than ever before, the house construction company in Bangalore are using every trick to create the illusion of more space. This is done as even if a small space feels cozy, it can soon look mundane and congested. Thanks to the cliché building of the structure and use of furniture. Thus, companies are building a house with all the tricks to make them airier and more spacious. Some of them are color palettes, inbuilt storage furniture, etc. Therefore, here are some of such tricks you can incorporate if you are renovating or building your new home.

1. Folding furniture

Nothing is more innovative than folding furniture. Being a compact space, you don’t need to stuff the living room with unnecessary furniture pieces. Instead, invest in smart folding furniture like sofa-cum-bed, folding dining tables, two-in-one side stools, etc. Such furniture helps create space when you have friends or family gatherings making the tiny space also spacious.

2. Light wall hues

The kind of hues used to paint the house has a major impact in making it look small or large. Different shades of white, grey, beige, pale pink, and others reflect natural light effectively making the mini room appear humongous. Also, if the wall hues are light, you can jazz up the space with colorful accessories like rugs, cushions, pillows, throws, etc.

3. Decorate it right

When they say ‘excess is bad’, it holds true for home decoration too. When you have limited space and if you stuff your room with too many decorative accents, it will just lead to a cluttered look. Instead, give an impactful view by highlighting one or two decorative objects that are not too small or too big. This will maintain the richness that your space will obtain from a single decorative identity.

4. Swap-out doors

These days house construction contractors are swapping ordinary doors with French doors during their construction processes itself. This is done to create the illusion of space in the living area as the transparent glass panels give the larger room feel. This will give a modern touch to the ordinary space where you don’t need much to highlight the space as this single door will do the thing.

5. Mirror Magic

Probably one of the oldest tricks it is- the mirror never fails to double the space perception. When you place a mirror next to a light source, they reflect the light around the space making it look brighter and bigger. If you have no space for a dressing area, use the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wardrobe to trick the eye into believing that the room is twice the actual size!

Lighten up floors

Dark-colored flooring makes the room smaller and closed. If changing the dark flooring is a costly affair, you can easily replace the floors by laying down light-colored rugs and carpets to set a brighter color palette. It’s easy, cost-effective, and a quick makeover that creates a vast impact on the whole space.

Create hidden storage

In a compact room, cabinet space is just not enough. Creating hidden storage spaces like below the staircase, inside the side stool, behind the picture wall, under the bed, or below the window seat are some of the ways to use every inch of your limited space to make it appear large.

Use the right uplights/long pendant lights

Uplights or long pendant lights draw all the attention upwards, distracting the eyes from the small-sized room. Using several lighting sources that throw light on the ceiling is a fun way to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Try these tips and see the difference it creates in maximizing the space without sacrificing style.