Elderly Loved Ones Aging in Place? 5 Reasons Senior-Friendly Cell Phones Save Lives

In recent years, a tidal wave of technological innovations designed to make life easier for the aging population, like the Lively Direct senior-friendly cell phone, have made a splash in the modern tech scene. Currently, there are more elderly smartphone users than ever before.

Much more so than younger populations, the US elderly population finds owning a cellphone to be a positive, even liberating experience, citing the ability to connect with loved ones as a primary advantage.

Cell phones are simply one of many technological resources that elderly folks have embraced with open arms. Recent stats show that 70% of senior citizens are now online and actively traversing the digital universe’s terrain with senior-friendly touch screen capabilities.

Today, more seniors than ever download apps to make their daily lives less strenuous and hop on social media to communicate with tech-savvy grandchildren. Additionally, these elderly users find the internet valuable for staying informed and up-to-date on breaking news stories. In light of the shift to text, e-mail, and app-based telehealth services, leaping headfirst into the Digital Age is no longer optional for aging communities.

While transitioning from outdated appointment scheduling methods to one-touch “book now” buttons is a marathon, not a sprint for elderly patients, this socially isolating time in history demands some degree of technological aptitude.

Young, tech-savvy individuals can lend a helping hand in their elderly loved ones’ lives by easing their grandparents into cell-phone use. Picking the appropriate device based on need is the first step. From there, helping your elderly grandparents cross into the 21st century simply requires patience and unwavering support.

If watching your elderly loved one scour their display for the exit button leads to eye twitches and crawling skin, these impatient grandchildren can enroll elderly loved ones in courses, complete with hands-on tutorials and professionally-trained staff.

It’s no exaggeration to say that adopting technology, particularly a cell phone, can be life-changing and even life-saving for seniors. That said, it’s time to revisit the ways senior-friendly cell phones can safeguard your elderly loved ones from disaster.

Social Isolation

Seniors are one of the most lonely demographics in America. Unbeknownst to most, these days of idling in front of the television as social isolation takes its hold can negatively impact mental and physical health by increasing the seniors’ risk of chronic disease. With a shorter lifespan at stake, a cell phone is a must-have for seniors aging in place.

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where visitations are limited or nonexistent, making phone calls to loved ones makes a big difference. Lonely seniors have found a much-needed sense of comfort in communicating with their friends and family. In some cases, elderly users stumble upon online communities perfect for networking.

In case of emergency

On a cell phone, seniors can set emergency contacts to reach out to when they need assistance and directly contact first responders. A cell phone can also serve as a medical ID when necessary. For example, iPhones have a built-in health app that stores information regarding an elderly patient’s blood type, allergies, prescription medications, etc. While some cellular devices lack these built-in features, there are downloadable apps for this purpose.


Cellphones can be extremely helpful for older adults struggling with memory loss. Cell phones often come with built-in apps for reminders. For those searching for more in-depth features, consider downloadable apps explicitly designed for medication and appointment reminders.


Smartphones, in particular, provide endless means of entertainment and mental stimulation. There are countless downloadable games to hone skills, sharpen memory, and simply pass the time. Audiobooks are also a popular choice for seniors and can be easily listened to on any smartphone.

While portable devices have gained a reputation for obliterating brain cells, puzzle-based apps and educational videos can help elderly users achieve optimal mental stamina.

Manage a medical condition

There are many apps available targeted towards those with specific medical conditions. From fitness and diet trackers to memory assistants, there is an app out there that will make managing chronic conditions a cinch.

Final word

Don’t turn a blind eye to the hazards looming around every corner. While a pair of strewn running shoes or a day spent in radio silence may seem harmless, these situations can spell disaster for vulnerable senior citizens. That said, invest in a high-quality senior-friendly cell phone to keep your anxieties at bay.