Electric bicycles, beneficial for physical and mental health and the environment


Everyone knows that exercising significantly improves health, however, few people really know the benefits of this sport that we will list later, but what we want now is to get many middle-aged people out of doubt who may think that it is too much older to get back on a bike and start pedaling. In short, the benefit of exercise routine is real, especially on a bike!

Well, this is not the case, everyone can ride a bike starting little by little to adapt and train their body to this sport. The vast majority believe that it is too hard for a sport to start from the age of 60. This is completely false since in recent years electric bicycles have evolved a lot.

With much more compact designs, almost priceless, where the electric motor is hardly visible and with easy-to-charge batteries, less heavy and with a truly surprising range, they are also usually limited to 25 km / h but could go to more. With these bicycles, there are no more excuses not to ride a bike, since when we get tired we can use the electric motor. There are many types of electric bikes, touring, cycling, mountain, folding, tricycles, etc.  Be sure to browse through a wide variety of online stores such as tope-bikes.com to find a bike that suits your needs and budget.

Here we see the benefits of using electric bikes, not just health benefits. Various studies show the benefits of cycling. It is clinically proven to be one of the most complete and universal activities to prevent back pain, protect joints and improve the circulatory and immune system, as well as keep your mental health in order.

They also have a huge benefit in our environment. Everyone knows the problems that the great cities of the world are having with pollution. In these times in which the climate is somewhat revolutionized, where it does not rain, nor does it wind, the most immediate consequences are the high levels of pollution, so much so that drastic measures of traffic cuts, prohibition of transport such as the private car, are being taken to try to reduce the levels of pollution that are so harmful to our health.

It is always the politicians who take these steps, without thinking of carrying out a global strategy to be able to make the population aware that there are many other clean means of transport. We want to say that there is an alternative to completely ecological private transport, which does not pollute and is very pleasant, the electric bicycle.

To give you an idea, a bike such as Himiway step through ebike has a consumption of $ 0.20 / km, a minimum consumption; We should all be aware of using this type of transport, a clean, efficient, silent, cheap and above all very pleasant transport.

How to choose?

Every day a new design of electric bikes comes out practically. And not only are the traditional bicycle companies, but even those of motorcycles, cars or even airplanes, they are taking out prototypes of electric bicycles, knowing the market so juicy that before it was future, but it is already present.

What bike are you looking for or need?

Before walking, it is advisable to know where to direct the steps. And the same thing happens with the choice of the electric bicycle to buy. If we jump to the trigger (or quick click on the internet) we can regret it. And not only because electric bikes have prices to think calmly, but because we can make the wrong bike and end up using the e-bike as a precious storage room decoration.

What types of electric bikes are there and which one is best for you?

The range of electric bicycles has alternatives for all cyclists, for all surfaces (asphalt, dirt), for the type of exercise (walk, descents, climbs), with pedal or accelerator assistance, and for all scenarios (city, mountain).

The order of our recommendations does not have to be understood by the importance when choosing an electric bicycle. For some cyclists the important thing will be the autonomy and duration of the battery, for others the charging time, for others with less purchasing power the price and for others perhaps the design or weight of the bike.


We know many friends who have bought real ‘ferraris’ of electric bicycles to use them once a month, or to travel short distances or on terrain for which they are not suitable. That is why the price of the electric bicycle must be one of the most important things. The evolution of e-bikes is so fast that year after year cheaper bikes with greater autonomy come out. Something similar happens to cell phone batteries or computer capabilities.

Autonomy and battery

The aspect of autonomy matters a lot. Running out of battery can be a chore, because dragging an electric bike “bareback” is not recommended. It is true that in cities it is much easier to find charging stations, and that bicycles can be charged at any outlet. But batteries with greater autonomy are always better seen.

Double battery on the electric bike

Most mid- and high-end bikes use lithium batteries, which are lighter and more durable. Consider that lithium is four times lighter than lead, and more efficient than nickel batteries. There are factors that contribute to greater autonomy, for example the weight of the cyclist and the bicycle, the type of terrain, the relief and slope, the weather, the assistance we provide when pedaling influences.


The weight is not trivial. While it is true that less heavy bicycles are increasingly being achieved by reducing the size of the batteries. The average weight is around 20 kg for urban bikes while mountain or road bikes are somewhat lighter. Obviously, the use of more refined materials, less heavy and durable, usually leads to a greater outlay in the price of the bicycle.

Speed and power

It is common to hear that “I want an electric bike that runs.” And it is worth asking: Do you need it to be so fast? The emergence of electric bicycles – and scooters – has opened a debate on the need to have rules or laws that mark their use. Until now the bike ran as much as a cyclist could pedal. But the mechanical aid of electric bicycles has meant that it has been increased until reaching motorcycle speeds.

So are you ready to buy one? Electric bikes are likely to be immovable as a health trend that will last long enough.

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