Electric Boiler VS. The Best Air Source Heat Pump: Which is Better?

A 2019 study, which the EU reported, showed that around 64% of the energy consumed by households is used for heating in the residential sector. Normally, people around the world join in the market to purchase two different kinds of heating systems: the electric boiler and the best air source heat pump.

However, a majority of people are still puzzled by the differences between these two heating systems. In order to help you figure out the question and make a better decision, this article will guide you to clarify what they are and their disparities. Let’s scroll down to get something more.

Electric boiler VS. the best air source heat pump: what are they?

As the name suggests, an electric boiler is composed of electric heating and other related electronic components. It is a home heating device that uses electricity and takes oil, natural gas, alternative flue, or electricity, which will be turned into hot water or steam. After that, the hot water or steam will pass through the rest of your home’s heating systems to keep your house warm.

However, an air source heat pump is a reversible heat pump that takes heat from the air and boosts it to an appropriate temperature using a compressor. The heat is then transferred to the heating system of your home in order to reach the desired temperature. For instance, in warm months, the inverter heat pump pulls heat from inside and pushes the heat outside. While in cold months, the pump pulls heat from outside and pushes the heat inside. Due to this reason, air source heat pumps are regarded as effective assistants in moderate climates.

Electric boiler VS. the best air source heat pump: what are the differences?

After clearly understanding what the electric boiler and the best air source heat pump are, let’s dive into their differences. The following are the most significant ones.

1. Energy consumption

An air source heat pump is a process of absorbing heat from the air and generating heat through the compressor’s compression. Normally, air source heat pumps are about four times more energy-saving than traditional electricity. However, the electric boiler is a direct heat generation equipment without the direct heat generation process through any conversion. In this way, only 90% heat can be generated.

For instance, for every 1KW of electric energy consumed, an air source heat pump generates 4KW of heat. On the other hand, an electric boiler generates 0.95KW of heat for every 1KW of electricity consumed. Thus, air source heat pumps are more energy-efficient than electric boilers.

2. Components

An air source heat pump is a more complex system with 4 major components, including a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve. On the other hand, an electric boiler has two major components: a high-power electric hot wire and an insulated shell.

3. Safety

Air source heat pumps are safer since they experience no pressure or leakage danger during their operation. On the other hand, electric boilers have a high risk of experiencing electric leakages, making them less safe to operate.

4. Electrical power requirements

Normally, the electric load of the air source heat pump is around 1/3 smaller than that of an electric boiler, and the requirement for a power grid is less than that of a traditional electric boiler.

5. Cost

Although air source heat pumps are a little bit more expensive than electric boilers, their operating cost is almost 75% lower than that of electric boilers. Not only this but air source heat pumps have a much longer life span (over 20 years) than electric boilers (around 10-15 years). So, in the long run, air source heat pumps are cheaper compared with electric boilers.

To mention that, the best air source heat pump from NEWNTIDE does not only bring you much energy-saving experience compared with others but also at a lower price without compromising the price.

6. Functionality

Generally speaking, the air source heat pump is a type of air conditioning equipment. In the process of use, it can not only realize the functions of heating and cooling but also prepare hot water according to daily needs. However, the function of electric boilers is quite single, which can only realize the heating function.

To summary, the above-detailed analysis makes it easy to conclude that air source heat pumps are a better alternative than electric boilers. Due to energy efficiency, longer life span, lower emissions, and enhanced safety, air source heat pumps are becoming priorities among the public. Therefore, if you are in the market to purchase heating devices, go for the air source heat pump to obtain a better user experience.

The best air source heat pump recommendation

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