Electric Scooters: The Future Of Urban Transportation


Innovation is the word that is running the world today. New technologies are silently seeping into every domain, every arena, every field, and transforming every fibre of it, sometimes abruptly and sometimes bit by bit. The crux is that technological innovations are changing the world. The best example is e-scooters cruising on the road.

Take a look around, and you will be stunned by watching people- kids and adults alike, manoeuvring the sidewalks on their electric scooters. These tech-adorned rides have become a hot mode of transportation.

Scooters- From then to now

Scooters have always been on the roads. They have been a joyride for kids and teens. Only two things have changed- electric kick or push-start scooters have replaced manual scooters, and they are serving more than the purpose of entertainment.

E-scooters have provided adults with a quick, emission-free, and less expensive mode of transportation. What more is needed to fuel the popularity of electric scooters in modern times.

Today, e-scooters are the common commute for school-going kids, college-going crowd, and young professionals working at an MNC or brainstorming their startups. So, don’t be stunned if you see anyone dressed in a chic pantsuit navigating the sidewalk on a scooter.

Breaking down the technology catalysing electric scooters

Although e-scooters look like a complex framework of technology, they have a straightforward construction. Their anatomy comprises a deck or a narrow platform, handlebars with hand brakes and throttle, wheels (some have two, some have three or four wheels), and suspension (front and rear). You can even find scooters with a seat on the market.


E-scooters run on battery. Manufacturers use either of these three batteries- Lead-Acid, Lithium-ion, and Nickel Metal Hydride.

Lead-Acid is one of the top choices for manufacturers, as it has been in the field for the longest time and is relatively inexpensive.

The most modern option, lithium-ion, is expensive but comes laden with several advantages. For one, it is lightweight and holds a charge for the longest time. It is the latest choice for most manufacturers.

Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH battery is the middle ground between these two batteries. It is more powerful and holds a charge longer than its lead-acid counterpart but is heavier than lithium-ion batteries.

Their performance

The capacity, range, and speed of an electric scooter are subject to the terrain it is manoeuvring. Although a small battery size affects the overall performance of the e-scooters, manufacturers always manage to up the performance scale with every new release.

The average speed of an e-scooter is 15 mph. Many e-scooters offer a higher speed than this.

The ultimate question- Why are e-scooters the future of urban transportation?

Electric scooters are laden with benefits. First and foremost, they offer an emission-free means of transport, which puts them on the favourite list of people with an inclination towards eco-friendliness. Next, they do not require the kind of maintenance gasoline vehicles require. They are safe to ride, given the rider knows how to balance on them.

As discussed earlier, they are easy and fun to ride and offer an aggregable performance in terms of speed and capacity. All these advantages hint that electric scooters are the future of urban transportation.

Furthermore, more and more startups in Australia are coming forward to offer e-scooters on rent. It makes commuting easy for people, taking the popularity of e-scooters many notches higher.

The bottom line

Electric scooters are changing the way people travel. They are no more a child’s toy, but a hot ride for daily commuters. So, grab your electric scooter from online giants like Scooter hut or visit any physical store now.






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