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Youtube has been on the internet for a couple of years. But it has managed to gain a lot of popularity—many users in the short years of its journey. The journey becomes sweeter when google bought youtube. Now youtube has some features specially reserved for premium users. But there are always ways to access the youtube premium feature for free.The Youtube Vanced is the website that will help you to get all the premium experience of youtube premium and much more without any charge. So what can you expect from Youtube Vanced lets find out?

Background play

Most of the watched list on youtube is from the music video. That’s means people love to hear music videos on youtube. But most of the time, they just want to listen to them rather than watch them. So youtube premium members have access to use background play on youtube. That means they can turn the screen off and still can hear the music. But free users of youtube have no such features available. So with pure tube apk, you can enable background playback on your phone. So you can listen to all your favorite music while your screen is still turned off.

No ads

One of the most annoying things about youtube is the ads. Most of the time, when you want to watch videos on youtube, you face the ads. Sometimes they are too annoying and sometimes you don’t like them at all. In recent times they have increased the ads on youtube, and it has reached its best. But premium members of youtube don’t have to face any kinds of ads at all. But if you don’t want to purchase a premium account, you can try Youtube Vanced apk and enjoy the youtube videos without any ads as long as you want.

Lock resolution

Youtube has no official support for locking resolution. But sometimes you are on data, and you want to make sure you watch all the videos on a lower resolution, and sometimes while in wifi, you still see all the videos in lower resolution. But with Youtube Vanced, you can set how much resolution you want from both data and wifi mode, and you can also set the resolution separately.

Free download

Youtube can only steam the videos that you want to see. But sometimes, when you are on a trip, you want to store some videos on your phone. But youtube has the offline feature. But the problem with the offline feature is you can only watch videos from the youtube app, and it can be stored for a limited amount of time. Also, you have to renew the videos to watch them again. But fair no more because Youtube Vanced is here. The Youtube Vanced can download all kinds of youtube videos for you. You can also choose how much resolution that you want and where to store them. Also, you can download mp3 files directly from this app. So you can try it now.

One-click to login

Most of the third-party apps from websites don’t have support for the youtube login feature. That’s why you can get all the features that I have mentioned before but can’t sync all your watch history. Youtube vanced has a similar feature, but it requires having microg install on your phone. But with Youtube Vanced, you don’t have to worry about login. Just select your account, and it will redirect you to the Google server. There you can log in and enjoy a full youtube experience like never before.

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