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Whenever you are traveling by air, your budget will always dictate the class you choose on the flight. Airlines offer different class options to enable every traveler to choose their preference. First-class travel offers the best luxury and special services to the customers. If you are traveling from the Middle East, you can enjoy first-class services from the best airlines there is. Here are the best airlines that offer perfect first-class services you can enjoy.

Air Arabia Airline

If you want to experience your world in a flight, then you can never go wrong with Air Arabia airlines. If you are coming from Middle East look for Air Arabia fares and check some discounts. For first-class section, there is a lot to enjoy when you book ticket. Some of the things you find on board include;

A sky café

This is where you get to experience all the delicacies onboard. The airline offers catering services and this allows you to pick your best from the array of meals options they offer.

A Shopping Experience

In Air Arabia, you can enjoy different assortments of gifts. You can buy something for your friend or your family.


Here, you have access to Air Arabia magazines that inform you about everything happening in the world.

The fun spot

If you are a TV guy, then Air Arabia has got you covered. It offers various TV programs that show movies, world news, comedies, and sports, among others. There are other numerous activities that happen onboard. The customer services are unquestionable.



If you understand and enjoy the privacy of a private jet, then Emirates first class has all to offer. With a first-class ticket, you get to enjoy your privacy behind closed doors. Another great thing about Emirates first class is that you get quality meals at your preferred time. There is a spa onboard and a lounge bar where you can get your favorite drink. This airline gives you an opportunity to enjoy the privacy of a room right in the sky. You get a private suite, wholesome meals, and snacks for the ultimate dining experience. Other services you receive with an Emirates first-class ticket include:

  • Chauffeur-drive
  • Skincare products
  • Powerful headphones
  • A shower and spa and more

The private rooms are climate-controlled and have ambient lighting to light up your mood.


This is a government-owned airline that offers great first-class services for your travel. The airline has connected with more than 90 destinations across Asia, Africa, and Europe. If you want to save a good deal of money while flying first class, this is the best airline to choose. The services include exclusive meals on board, a lounge, private rooms, and a shower. Arrive at your destination refreshed and tummy filled when you choose Flydubai first-class services. The great news is that in 2017, Flydubai formed a partnership with Emirates to take the airline services to the next level and connect passengers from all over the world.

empty aircraft before departure image

Singapore Airlines 

Suites is a unique class offered by Singapore Airlines that is distinct from their standard first class.

First class, which is available on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777 planes, is essentially a private area for the traveler with an extra wide seat covered in hand-stitched, opulent leather down to the footrest. Its diamond-stitch design ensures comfortable sitting in every posture. For added comfort, fine linens, a duvet, and pillows are supplied. A 24-inch HD-capable personal LCD monitor with 1,800 entertainment selections is one of the features. Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones are used to provide sound.

It is a whole different experience at The Suites. The bed is separate from the seat, which is one of its most distinctive features. It is available on the Airbus A380 of airlines. And when the middle wall is taken down, it can be made into a double bed for two people. Full-grain leather upholstery by Poltrona Frau covers the swivel, reclinable seat. Sliding glass doors increase privacy. The portable Wi-Fi tablet and the sideboard’s capacitive controls let passengers access a variety of amenities, including in-flight service. Additionally, there is a sit-down vanity counter aboard the aircraft with Lalique body-rejuvenating goods.

Both first class and Suites travelers have access to amenities including “book the cook” for meals and reservations for the main dish 24 hours before takeoff. According to Singapore Airlines, some amenities might not be accessible because of COVID-19.

Internationally renowned chefs and wine experts from Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel, such as renowned French chef Georges Blanc, Carlo Cracco of Italy’s two Michelin-starred Ristorante Cracco, Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, US-based James Beard Award-winning chef Suzanne Goin, and Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian to receive the Master of Wine designation, have contributed to the menu. Meals are made to suit dietary requirements, religious preferences, and the needs of youngsters.

British Airlines

The British flag carrier no longer provides first class on its Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-8 aircraft, although it does on its A380, 777-300, 787-9, and part of its 777-200 aircraft. As opposed to the 14 seats in BA’s A380 and 777, the first-class cabin of the bigger Dreamliner, the 787-9, was created exclusively for this aircraft and had just eight seats.  

The greatest business class in Europe, including seats, cabins, food, lounges, and more

Are you soon planning a flight into, out of, or across Europe? Then this list is for you if you’re seeking the top business-class flights throughout the continent. When looking for business class long-haul flights, you might not instantly consider a European carrier. But in 2022, a lot of European airlines have updated and improved their business class offerings. We looked for and discovered the top business-class flights to Europe, including those with lie-flat seats, in-flight meals, and airline lounges.

ANA, All Nippon Airways

The All-Nippon Airways (ANA) first-class experience is perhaps what foodies would most like. Season, location, age, religion, nutritional needs, and allergen-free requirements are all taken into account while designing the onboard food. Some of the most well-known chefs in Japan and abroad have created meals for ANA, including Yoshihiro Takahashi, the 15th generation owner of the more than 400-year-old Hyotei restaurant, Restaurant Ryuzu’s Ryuta Iizuka, Ginza Okuda’s Toru Okuda, and Masayasu Yonemura’s Yonemura. Additionally, ANA employs a group of chefs.

Dishes like boiling wagyu sirloin steak with udo and Japanese parsley or snow crab salad may be served, depending on the route and time of year.

The sort of cabin depends on the aircraft as to the real comfort of traveling with ANA. The Suite and ANA First Square are the two categories of first class offered on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The Suite is a small group of eight chairs. Each seat’s cushion is manufactured in cooperation with Nishikawa. It may be made into a completely flat bed. You may close a sliding door to preserve your privacy. A 43-inch 4K display for in-flight entertainment is located within The Suite. It also features closets for jackets and other stuff.

The First Square, on the other hand, resembles an office cubicle and has high-panel walls that are intended to maximize comfort while effectively utilizing available space. There are several stores available for storing coats, headphones, and other personal goods. Some of which are on the exterior of the walls. Large objects can fit underneath the seat. The flier may enjoy onboard entertainment on a 23-inch touch-panel LCD widescreen monitor with digital noise-canceling headphones. Sliding tables are available in The Suite and ANA First Square.

The first class on an ANA Airbus A380 resembles The Suite nearly exactly, with the important exception that the former has a 32-inch LCD widescreen display.

For a cozy night’s sleep, passengers can change into ANA’s organic cotton knit top and bottom combination. The Tenerita blanket, a pillow filled with premium Hungarian white duck down, a Nishikawa comforter, and a Nishikawa AiR sleeping pad are all offered to the traveler and are all meant to promote the greatest level of relaxation while thousands of miles above the ground.


During the downtime that its Airbus A380s spent in the desert, Australia’s national airline Qantas upgraded the superjumbo’s interiors and seats. For first-class passengers on its A380s, the airline provides completely lie-flat beds, a fine Neil Perry multi-course dinner experience, an award-winning Australian wine cellar, and Martin Grant-designed pajamas.  

The upgraded economy and First-class cabins, as well as the expanded premium economy section with 60 seats, up from 35, are all featured in the A380 aircraft’s newly arranged business class cabin, which has 70 updated business suites.

With booth-style seating for 10 people, a self-service bar, and the opportunity to order beverages and snacks, the top deck lounge has also had a complete renovation.

As more travelers return, the airline will reopen its international business lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. The airline also intends to convert its Australian First Lounges, which during the pandemic functioned as hybrid First/Business Lounges, to the full premium offering.

Air France

Air France’s first class, commonly known as La Première, redefines luxury from the moment passengers arrive at the airport to catch their aircraft. In a few French cities, Air France offers a private Hertz DriveU service to and from the airport.

An airline staff member meets first-class customers at the airport. They may spend some time in the La Première lounge and savor treats from the dishes that Chef Alain Ducasse has chosen for the menu. The airline’s Boeing 777-300 aircraft, which contains the La Première cabin with four private rooms made of suede, soft leather, wood, metallic finishes, and tweed trim textile materials, is where passengers are sent after receiving an opulent welcome.

 With the ability to draw the curtains and raise the dividers in the middle row at the touch of a button, privacy is guaranteed in each of the places. Each seat may be transformed into a cozy bed made of memory foam. People may sleep as they do in opulent hotels thanks to a big, fluffy duvet and a pillow. Each seat has a lovely light with the hippocampe ailé (winged seahorse) emblem of Air France on the shade. For comfort, the light may be turned down.

Each suite has a touchscreen with 650 hours of on-demand entertainment. A remote control can also be used to operate the interface. Just below the touchscreen, there is a tiny seat called an ottoman that may be utilized as a footrest or as a place for visitors to join the flyer for a drink. Small goods like books and wallets can be stored in the compartments underneath the smaller seat and adjacent to the larger seat. The Denon over-the-ear headphones for in-flight entertainment are also included.

Pajamas, slippers, and socks are offered on the flight for added comfort. Additionally, passengers receive a customized Air France travel package with skincare items from the Sisley Beauty Institute Paris.

The meal selections, though, could be what makes Air France stand apart from the competition. A gourmet menu that is specialized for each location is available for meals at the La Première. Arnaud Lallement, Mauro Colagreco, Régis Marcon, and Emmanuel Renaut each have distinctive dishes on the 2023 Air France first-class menu on flights leaving from Paris.


These are the leading airlines that give you a chance to enjoy first-class services. The airlines offer these services across different countries and connect passengers from different parts of the world. Therefore, if you want to experience the privacy and special treatment, choose these airlines.

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