Enjoy First Class Travel with Leading Airlines

Whenever you are traveling by air, your budget will always dictate the class you choose on the flight. Airlines offer different class options to enable every traveler to choose their preference. First-class travel offers the best luxury and special services to the customers. If you are traveling from the Middle East, you can enjoy first-class services from the best airlines there is. Here are the best airlines that offer perfect first-class services you can enjoy.

Air Arabia Airline

If you want to experience your world in a flight, then you can never go wrong with Air Arabia airlines. If you are coming from Middle East look for Air Arabia fares and check some discounts. For first-class section, there is a lot to enjoy when you book ticket. Some of the things you find on board include;

  • A sky café

This is where you get to experience all the delicacies onboard. The airline offers catering services and this allows you to pick your best from the array of meals options they offer.

  • A Shopping Experience

In Air Arabia, you can enjoy different assortments of gifts. You can buy something for your friend or your family.

  • Magazines

Here, you have access to Air Arabia magazines that inform you about everything happening in the world.

  • The fun spot

If you are a TV guy, then Air Arabia has got you covered. It offers various TV programs that show movies, world news, comedies, and sports, among others. There are other numerous activities that happen onboard. The customer services are unquestionable.



If you understand and enjoy the privacy of a private jet, then Emirates first class has all to offer. With a first-class ticket, you get to enjoy your privacy behind closed doors. Another great thing about Emirates first class is that you get quality meals at your preferred time. There is a spa onboard and a lounge bar where you can get your favorite drink. This airline gives you an opportunity to enjoy the privacy of a room right in the sky. You get a private suite, wholesome meals, and snacks for the ultimate dining experience. Other services you receive with an Emirates first-class ticket include:

  • Chauffeur-drive
  • Skincare products
  • Powerful headphones
  • A shower and spa and more

The private rooms are climate-controlled and have ambient lighting to light up your mood.


This is a government-owned airline that offers great first-class services for your travel. The airline has connected with more than 90 destinations across Asia, Africa, and Europe. If you want to save a good deal of money while flying first class, this is the best airline to choose. The services include exclusive meals on board, a lounge, private rooms, and a shower. Arrive at your destination refreshed and tummy filled when you choose Flydubai first-class services. The great news is that in 2017, Flydubai formed a partnership with Emirates to take the airline services to the next level and connect passengers from all over the world.


These are the leading airlines that give you a chance to enjoy first-class services. The airlines offer these services across different countries and connect passengers from different parts of the world. Therefore, if you want to experience the privacy and special treatment, choose these airlines.