Enjoy the Best of Cyprus on a Budget


Cyprus is a beautiful country, with super-hot summers, warm winters and gorgeous seaside views all year round. There are plenty of options for luxury stays on the island, but there are also a good few options for those on a tighter budget. If you’re hoping to spend some time on this Mediterranean paradise soon, then we’ve found some tips that will help you to make every penny count.

Visit the City of Dreams

This pioneering project is set to be one of the most exclusive openings in Europe. The good news is that there’ll be affordable rooms, as well as more entertainment than anyone could possibly get around to in a two week holiday. Once you’ve finished with the amphitheatre and the adventure park, there’s another big entertainment complex to visit: the casino. Before embarking on a night out at the biggest casino in Europe, you’ll want to make sure you’re up to date with poker online. There’s no better feeling than walking into a room and feeling confident that you know exactly what you’re doing. Thankfully the opening of the City of Dreams resort has been postponed until 2022, so you’ll have plenty of time to get practising.

Spend a Day at the Beach

A day on the beach can be totally free if you’re organized enough. Being an island, Cyprus is absolutely full of beaches, some sandy, some rocky, but all of them perfect for keeping everyone amused on a budget. Many of the beaches have deckchairs and umbrellas that are available for hire, but if you bring your own then you can keep the cost down. Similarly, it’s a good idea to pack your own mask and snorkel; the waters around the island are home to lots of exciting marine life, but beachfront snorkel shops know how to charge! Finally, consider packing a picnic before embarking on your beach adventure. The snack bars around the beaches are delicious, but they charge a premium compared to those further inland.

Eat at Estiatorio Evroula

Although beachfront cafes and restaurants can be expensive, if you head inland a little then you can often find a bargain. Estiatorio Evroula is one such place, which can be found down a beautiful passageway in Nicosia. The place is always full of locals, thanks to the traditional menu and the very reasonable prices. If you aren’t ready for a culinary adventure then this probably isn’t the place, as the food doesn’t cater to the typical tourist palate. The dishes are simple, but authentic, bringing together the best of Cypriot cuisine with the owner’s personal touch. The menu changes every single day depending on what is fresh and in season, but if the lemon chicken with rice and fresh curd cheese is on the menu, then you simply must order it. Other favourites include the ultra-fresh salads and roast pork with potatoes, fried up in its own juices.

Dream of a Yacht

Dream of a Yacht

Paphos harbour is home to some seriously expensive yachts, but there’s no saying you need to own one of them to go and have a look around. One of the loveliest ways to spend an afternoon in Paphos is to stroll around the harbour and decide on the boat you’d have if money was no obstacle. As well as looking at the boats, the harbour is simply a beautiful place to be. The cliff faces around it are speckled with traditional Cypriot buildings, and the main street of the harbour is full of cute little cafes that are the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or a beer and watch the world go by. One of the great joys of a holiday in Cyprus is learning to slow down a little and Paphos harbour might be the perfect place to do it.

Visit Musan Underwater Sculpture Park

Cyprus has plenty of tourist attractions to  keep the artistically-inclined entertained for days and days, but one of the most unusual galleries can be found ten metres under the ocean. Just a few months ago, a huge sculpture gallery opened just off Pernera beach, in Aiya Napa. Jason deCiares is the sole exhibitor and he made his works to show the interaction between humans and nature, with the hopes that seeing his works as they evolve will encourage human’s to behave more responsibly. He made nearly 100 artworks, all of which are submerged below the see. Many are underwater trees, designed with folds, spikes and hideaways that will act as a home for marine life. The remainder of the sculptures are humans, looking as though they are wandering through this enchanted underwater forest. It is hoped that as the sculptures remain in place for more time, animals and marine plants will start to see the sculptures as home. Sea anemones, seaweed and small crustaceans might stick to the sculptures, whilst shoals of fish could gather around them. Seeing art work in harmony with nature is quite a new idea and one that’s free to visit, as long as you have a mask and snorkel!

Or Keep A Little Dryer

If you aren’t a fan of snorkelling, then firmly on dry land and just a short walk from this exhibition is the Aiya Napa Sculpture Park. These sculptures are all very much above the water and are just as beautiful to look at. The collection here is vast and it’s all set outdoors, thanks to Cyprus’ hot climate. There are a wide range of artists to discover and you can get close enough to touch each of the works. The angels set against a backdrop of the beautiful blue Mediterranean make the perfect spot to take some photos to remember your holiday by. As well as sculptures, the park also boasts an area devoted to growing cacti, both common and rare. The different areas of the park mean that you can spend hours here, just remember to bring a sun hat as it can be scorching hot in the summer. The best news about this place though, is that it’s absolutely free to visit! You can’t say that about many art galleries on this scale.

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