Enjoy the Nostalgia of a Tree Swing at Home


If you are like most people, you formed your dream home’s basic idea when you were young. This image has probably changed over the years, as your dreams and aspirations evolved.

One of the elements that many Americans share in their dream home concept is a tree swing. There is just something evocative about a swing hanging from the branches of that big oak tree in the front yard that makes a house feel like home when you walk up to it.

The traditional rustic technique is to loop a rope around the branch, knot it, and attach your swing. While this will work for the short term, there are some problems with this method.

Rope Hurts Your Trees

Looping rope or chain around a healthy tree branch can severely damage that branch; if you ever see one of those old rope swings that have been up for years, the rope has probably either cut a groove into the tree, the branch has grown around the cord, or the rope cut into the stem enough to kill it.

That beautiful hardwood in the yard can become a liability when you have to worry about large dead branches falling out. Falling branches can hurt anyone underneath or even cause damage your house, depending on how they fall.

Not only can rope damage the tree, but it will eventually age and wear out. When it does, you want to be able to remove or replace the swing. If your rope has cut into a branch and caused it to grow around it, that updating may prove a bit more complicated.

For a tree swing to cross over from a fun idea into something as luxurious as your imagination always made it out to be, it needs some updating. A rope thrown over a tree branch, damaging the investment you have put into your home, is not a great definition of luxury.

SwingTies Can Combine Nostalgia With Modern Flourish

If the rope is destructive and unsafe, what is the solution? According to SwingTie, the answer is simple.

SwingTie is a simple and elegant solution to an old problem. A SwingTie is a durable nylon strap with a stainless steel d ring on each end.

You hang a SwingTie by looping it over a branch and passing it through the larger d ring. You then attach the included carabiner to the smaller ring and attach it to your swing’s chain or rope.

If your swing tie is too long, you can loop it around the branch a few times to shorten it before passing it through the ring. SwingTie’s wide strap won’t bite into your tree, so when you take it down, your branch looks as healthy as it started.

SwingTie even offers a heavy-duty swivel that you can use to mount your swing to keep the chains from getting twisted. This allows your swing always to look as neat and perfect as you ever imagined it would. The swivels are also great for mounting tire swings, and the straps and swivel hold at least 1000 pounds.

It is possible to have that luxurious tree swing at your dream home without reducing your dream home’s value by damaging the trees.

In summary, if you are looking for a solution that lets you hang the tree swing you have always dreamed of, a swing tie may be the best solution for you!

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