Environmentally Friendly CLT Panels from Ukraine

The construction industry is changing under the influence of a revision of society’s attitude to nature. So, environmentally friendly materials and technologies like CLT are in priority. However, CLT panels are not just another eco-friendly invention but a real technological breakthrough.

The idea to use glued timber panels for building came from Switzerland in 1996. The technology has been actively developed, so it is a trend in global residential construction today.

All You Should Know About CLT Panels

CLT, which stands for cross-laminated timber, is a panel made of wood, which consists of odd layers that are glued together in perpendicular directions. Earlier, it was impossible to build tall wooden structures because of the relative weakness of timber construction traditions.

However, the use of the new material made it easy to provide mid-rise and high-rise objects. Engineers and architects established that these panels are suitable for constructing buildings up to 30 floors high. Today, many public and residential buildings in Europe are constructed with CLT panels.

Main advantages of the use of CLT:

  • Lower costs of the construction process.
  • Reduced need for skilled labor.
  • Environmental friendliness due to little waste.
  • Fewer requirements to the building foundation because CLT building is 30% lighter than a structure of concrete and steel.
  • High heat capacity.

CLT panels significantly simplify the industry. Thus, all you need to build an object are a crane, electric appliances, and a small team.

Ukrainian CLT Panels

The first company on the Ukrainian market, which provides CLT panels, is Rezult House. The company was launched in 2011 and today is considered one of the largest producers in Eastern Europe.

Customers choose Rezult House because of its high-class quality, which is assured by the implementation of the best machinery by Ledinek and Hundegger and unique material – eco-friendly cross-glued wood.