Essaybulls Review

My rating: 10 out of 10 

Disappointing as it may sound, it’s really hard to write a truly superb academic paper. And what seems to be even harder is finding someone who can make it such. The Internet is teeming with numerous low-quality and fake services that only aim to wrap a credulous customer around their finger. Wack pseudo-writing websites are a dime a dozen these days. But that doesn’t apply to Essaybulls, a writing service where it’s up to you to decide who gets paid to write essays for you. Let’s dive a little deeper into what Essaybulls is and what it can give you.

To begin with, I’d like to emphasize that Essaybulls is one of the best academic writing services I have dealt with so far. The company proved to be highly caring of its customers; it demonstrated exceptional professionalism and commitment to me as a client. Now, I would like to elaborate on what advantages the service has over the rest of the writing services.


Essaybulls is an academic writing company that offers a wide spectrum of services, namely essays, research papers, theses, and many more. Based in Cyprus, Essaybulls delivers its services all over the world, centering on North America and Great Britain. As far as I understand, the company has earned a big name in Western countries, given the number of orders it gets from US and UK-based clients.


The company invites to try out its services by displaying an enticing range of rock-solid guarantees. Here, I will comment on each of them, sharing my experience with you.

  • 100% privacy

One of the crucial guarantees that any trustworthy company should offer is privacy. With Essaybulls, you do get total confidentiality and the protection of your personal data. The service prevents you from sharing your personal information with the system, asking only to provide your e-mail address. The information collected by the system automatically is strictly protected by the service.

  • Timely delivery

The service also guarantees delivery on time. As a satisfied customer, I confirm that Essaybulls keeps its word in this. I received my thesis on the agreed date and was relieved that I wouldn’t have to hand in my paper back to back with the defense day.

  • Quality

The quality of my thesis wasn’t compromised by the on-time delivery. It was easy to tell that the writer had made substantial research into the subject of the paper and demonstrated a solid scientific background. As for the writer’s English,  I was surprised by their proficiency in my mother tongue, and I believe that my paper was indeed written by a native speaker. Perhaps, the only drawback of the writing was an immoderate use of complex terminological language.

  • Affordable prices

I’d also like to put special emphasis on the customer-friendly pricing the company has. Essaybull’s services didn’t cost me a pretty penny. Furthermore, I dare say that the price doesn’t match the quality standards of the company’s services – it’s rather too lower than I expected!

Design and Usability

Essaybulls features bright, minimalistic design with a neat combination of alluring colors. The service strikingly draws an analogy between the prominent qualities of a bull and its outstanding status. Determination, courage, and confidence – these are the attributes of Essaybulls, according to what the symbolism suggests.

In terms of usability, the “bulls” website is very pleasant to stroll over. All the information about its services, advantages, and other important features is displayed on the landing page. Therein, the info is sorted out into blocks and sections. I found the user interface design to be very intuitive and interactive. It provides a pretty seamless experience when searching for the necessary information about the service.

Payment Policy

The payment policy Essaybulls adopts is extremely beneficial to the customer. Here you are discouraged from paying the writer beforehand and asked to issue the payment only after the order has been completed. Prior to sending the money to the writer, you are expected to upload the funds to your Essaybulls account. You can claim the money back, provided you haven’t sent it to the addressee yet. Once the funds are issued, you can’t have your refund. But I would go so far as to assure you that there’s no need to claim a refund from this particular service. As I already highlighted, the quality of my order eliminated any shade of doubt or regret of using the services of Essaybulls.

How to Place an Order?

The system makes the ordering process very simple and time-saving. On the landing page, you are given a short order form, where you have to provide your e-mail address, indicate the type of paper, and establish the deadline. Next, you proceed to a larger ordering form asking you to give more detailed information about the task.

How Is the Price Set?

For settling with how much you have to pay for your order, Essaybulls offers you to go with a bidding system. What is it about? Within an academic writing service, a bidding system is a mechanism, whereby you can assign a writer by posting your task on the website and inviting them to offer their price to you. After you post a task, you will see the bids from the writers ready to perform it. Ultimately, you choose the writer whose price and qualifications appeal to you the most.

My Verdict

When it comes to the correlation between quality and price, I always take a rigorous and demanding approach to things. And Essaybulls was no exception. Since the service managed to meet my great expectations and refined needs, I can certainly call it a paragon of quality and customer loyalty, and thus urge you to try it out.