Essential Cocktails for Parties | Christmas & New Year’s Must!


Holiday parties are fabulous. At least the first few holidays either the end or the start of the year. The last month of the year deserves something special as with it we move one to a new journey next year. It’s when everything gets decorated with glittering lights and fuelled with loads of hopes new year is around the corner. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? And do you know what makes any holiday party instantly fantastic? Big Bash Cocktail Party!

How to Host a Cocktail Party?

As many bottles of wine and bourbon are each it takes to get people good and tipsy at a vacation party, but well- planned cocktail vacation can bring effects to the coming position.  And we’ll need to learn how to host a cocktail party so we can host as much as we can; as the more we do, the more the fun! Since no one has time to mix individuals while they’re singing chorales and filling up on sugar eyefuls, a big bash cocktail party is the way to go.


From gleeful martinis to eggnog, these are the hands-down stylish blend fashions. No matter you buy wine online or not, whatever you choose from these picks, just know you’ll be drinking your way to the new time in style.

Peppermint Mimosa

So technically this isn’t a big bash party recipe but all you gotta do is follow simple steps. Get a bottle of peppermint vodka and some champagne, set up some champagne flutes, and see your guests go round. No stirring or shaking is needed at all. You can also add pink grapefruit juice as a mixer to get a fruity shot.


This cocktail is an example of how amazingly a simple drink can turn into a fruity vodka punch. All it takes is cranberry juice, vodka, and orange to create this popular drink. The taste won’t leave you so soon once you have tried it.

Cinnamon Apple Cider Sangria

The Sangria wine cocktail is always a big party pleaser. All thanks to it mild flavors and smoothness. Its recipe is up a notch as it introduces a crisp apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon. The ingredients would be white wine, hard apple cider, apples, and pears. And don’t forget cinnamon sticks.

Hudson Maple Old Fashioned

If you love holidays, then you must love a good drizzle of maple syrup. Because without that how the holiday will be that fun? Good quality maple syrup is a fantastic way to add flavors, sweetness. Maple Old Fashioned starts with Rye Whiskey aged in maple casks for light change in your viscosity and maple flavor hit.

Mojito Pitcher

A refreshing mojito jug is always up to be shared with everyone. Once jugs are ready, you can spend your time with guests and have fun in the party without worrying about Cocktail supplies.

Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

Do you want another sweet festive drink, then there’s none better than Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch. Now how do we get this tasty sweetheart drink? It’s simple, get some rum, blackberry soda, blood orange juice, and lime to make it.

Blue Lagoon

Can you believe The Blue Lagoon’s cocktail color? Guess what? It’s blue. Just Kidding! Citrus in flavor and mostly lemonade, so you can feel how refreshing that would be. This classic booze is perfect for parties especially when the cocktail is the most favourite part.

French Martini

This sweet martini tastes like cotton candy. You can customize the cocktail and its flavor by using gin, vodka or champagne, etc. The fastest way to make this is by adding vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice and shaking it well.

White Wine Mojito

If you and your friends love pitcher drinks then you’re at the right spot. White Wine Mojito is so simple yet so fun. Add lemonade to the swap rum mix and see the twist. Your guests will love this unique flavor at your party for sure.

Belmont Jewel

For anyone who enjoys a good whiskey cocktail, this one is a guaranteed hit. The Belmont Jewel is an amazingly tasty combination of bourbon, lemonade, and pomegranate juice.  This cocktail is just fantastic from beginning to end.

Belmont Jewel

Dirty Martini

When it comes to party and elegance, no one can exclude Dirty Martini. If you’re looking to impress your guest at this Christmas or New Year Party, Dirty Martini is the way to go. This wonderful cocktail is a combination of classic dry gin, vermouth, and green olives.

I think these would be enough as I’m assure you already have selected the ones from above that you’re going to include in your next party. For more drink recipes or recommendations, you gotta learn from GURU Gordan Ramsay himself. Let’s talk about the Cocktail party theme then.


At this time of the year, it is fun to tie everything to a theme. It’s better that way. Themes are the life of parties; you can make anything extraordinarily fantastic when you have the right theme. The decorations, drinks and food, all of it could match which is a guarantee to an amazing and memorable party. Think it’s Christmas, and the theme is all about it, imagine Santa enjoying your cocktails right next to you.


What if it’s a cosplay party, imagine all the superheroes trip in your cocktail’s fun. Damn! I just got goosebumps by excitement.

Above all this include some of the Cocktails I mentioned above and bam you’re up in the sky. Your cocktails match the party atmosphere; how does that sound for a Christmas or New Year Party. You can use more aesthetic cocktail trends in 2021 for innovative ideas about party themes.

Cocktail Festive

Cocktail Festive

It is perfect now; you’ve got the Cocktail and the theme. Now the only thing left is invitations. And it’s acceptable to ask your guests to bring their own spirits if they have a good choice in the case — gin, vodka, and rum, etc. The best part about your Christmas or New Year Party is that all supermarts and liquor stores offer deals in the months in which you’re planning this Big Bash Cocktail Party.
Invite whether formally or via Facebook event — not a bad option though. Make sure you don’t mismanage, whether in terms of budget or venue capacity; correspondence matters. See the ones coming, finalize the numbers, turn your idea into reality, and party hard pal!

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