Essential Equipment You Need to Start Building Muscles

Much like charity begins at home, the best gym is where you reside -your home. An excellent way to get some exceptional results from your workouts is convenience, and best of all, you get to enjoy all facilities for free. You need not necessarily have lots of fitness equipment in your home gym. But you doubtless do need some essential equipment that gives you far more exercise options and helps you get results faster.

This article lists some of the essential home gym equipment that lets you grow those muscles and burn the flab from any room of your residence. There might be a variety of fitness goals that you have set for yourself. Some desire greater strength while others are looking for a leaner, fitter body, while some want both. This equipment will help you stay on track with such goals and even achieve them faster. You are not likely to regret buying such essential fitness equipment. Without stuffing this article with additional words, such items include:

Functional Trainers

For a comprehensive home fitness solution, you can turn to functional trainers. You can buy functional trainers online and exercise all parts of your body without spending on individual fitness equipment. The workouts that you can do with such a piece of fitness equipment are highly effective and diverse.

Suspension Trainer

If you want to add an amount of difficulty to any exercise, then go above the ground. When workouts are infused with instability, suspension trainers add the challenges to your core and stabilizer muscles groups. Remember, the key to this is the challenge you face. With the increasing challenge, the physical benefit levels go up too. They are also highly portable. You can use them for a thorough and comprehensive workout anywhere you get a firm and reliable anchor point.

Resistance Band

You might find the idea of an excessively large rubber band being of immense use in building your muscle prowess weird. But the fact is that it is often better than dumbbells and barbells at achieving the same. Such resistance bands provide a consistent amount of tension throughout the movement of the lift. Not only that, but it also increases the exercise intensity and offers a more significant challenge to your muscles. If all you want is to add to your muscle bulk, then free weights are still the best option. However, if, on the other hand, you want to build your strength fast in an efficient way, a resistance band is indispensable.


This home gym item is sourced from Russia and appears somewhat akin to a cannonball only with a handle. But it is through this same design that makes kettlebells so effective.


While exercising with a kettlebell, the center of gravity shifts, which adds to the physical challenges and builds upon body coordination. You want to exercise with kettlebells if you wish to a whole-body workout. It combines the world of cardio exercises with that of a strength workout of exceptional intensity.


A ViPR is a PVC pipe lookalike that is an outstanding fitness tool despite all its familiar appearance. You can use it in several ways like lifting, fragging, throwing, flipping, and even swinging. It is the fitness tool you need to carry out a total body workout while remaining active. A ViPR helps people enhance their body balance, body agility, and the body’s core strength. This tool is made up of solid rubber, which means it is highly durable and will, in all probability, last for a lifetime.

Swiss Ball

A swiss ball is best described as a reliable ground alternative for a more significant workout challenge. It serves as a soft and unstable surface for you to perform your exercises. Such surfaces enhance body balance and coordination. It also performs admirably as a bench substitute for people doing pullovers and chest press. However, it would help if you kept in mind that this is more suited for people looking for body stability and coordination rather than strength.

Plyo Box

The plyo box is best suited for people who want to enhance their leg muscles. Legs are often overlooked, while fitness enthusiasts focus on other body parts. But the lack of glamor associated with leg muscles does not in any way mean that it is something you can skip. Remember that developing only your arms and stomachs will give you an unbalanced body, which you want to avoid. Besides having a huge benefit for your legs, plyo boxes also help develop your core muscles and body agility. Not only that, but this exercise tool also helps in body dips and squatting. It is indeed a highly versatile tool.

It would help you keep in mind that while a home gym is highly convenient, it is not for everyone. Plenty of people buy a whole bunch of gym items but never actually use them. It depends on the person’s mentality, and some people stay better motivated for their fitness exercises in groups. Before you spend a significant amount on your home gym, try to ensure that you do not fall into this category of people. Here’s to a healthy you!