Essential Items to Buy Before Having a Baby


Becoming a parent is a difficult and challenging concept, and while there are countless baby books to help you get started, it can be confusing deciphering what is best. Determining what you’ll need to purchase and prepare for when your baby arrives is essential.

There is so much to think about and sometimes the items can blur together so ensure you write down a checklist so you can tick everything off as you go along. It may even be worth packing these items in your hospital bag before you head to give birth as it will reduce stress and ensure you’ve got everything you need too.

Is your baby almost here? Be sure to purchase these essential items before you head to the hospital and then you’ll have them to hand when you return home with your little bundle of joy. You have to think about things like finding the best baby jumper for small space and other challenges.  Here are five items to buy before having your baby…

Lots of nappies

Whether you’re opting for disposable diapers or cloth nappies, you will want many different types for those countless changes you’ll be tackling in the first few weeks of your baby’s life. You will also need a portable diaper changing pad that would let you quickly and easily lay your baby down and get them cleaned up. It may be worth considering how much your baby weighs (inside your womb) before purchasing the size of nappy as you want to ensure it will fit them with ease. For any ladies who have a little chunky monkey, you may need to buy bigger sizes at first and skip the newborn nappies altogether. Be aware when buying diapers, your little one is going to grow out of them quickly so don’t get caught up in purchasing the most expensive ones you can find. Choose an affordable yet good quality brand and then purchase their nappies to be prepare for when your baby is here.

Breast pump or formula milk powder

Your baby will need regular feeds when they arrive and while most people assume it’s best to feed from the breast, it’s not always recommended. As a new mother you will experience a lot of tiredness and become uncomfortable easily. Instead, ensure you’ve got a backup of either a breast pump or baby milk formula. Having an alternative to having your baby feed from your breast all the time will give your partner a chance to feed your little one and give you a well deserved relax. Breast pumps don’t cost a huge amount of money but just ensure whatever one you opt for; you research the reviews of it. If you suffer from tender breasts after giving birth or have struggled with your breasts being uncomfortable while pregnant then it may be worth choosing a breast pump that has sensitive breasts in mind. The likes of the Elvie Double Pump and the Medela Swing Flex are great choices for a good quality breast pump.

Pram or pushchair

It may not be the top priority on your list but purchasing a good quality and beautiful pram before having your baby is a must. Why? When your little one arrives, you will want to take them on adventures, but this will be limited if you have to carry them all the time. An alternative to carriers, something a little more shoulder and back friendly, is the traditional pushchair. Brands such as Snuzkot offer affordable, and sleek prams that are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. Essential you need to get a pram that matches your lifestyle. The availability of modern and innovative designs from brands like these are a great choice for new or even second time mothers wanting something a little different.  You can also check options like merry muscles baby jumper.


Muslins, also known as burp cloths, are exactly how they sound. They’re small, soft cloths to wipe over your baby’s mouth and face while you’re burping them. They also make good clothing protectors from any sick or drool during this process. Many parents get angry and upset when sick gets all over them but it’s actually not too bad when you have something like this over you. Plus, most brands are washable so they’re eco-friendly and sustainable meaning you don’t have to worry about rubbish, and you can use them as much as you want without having a huge impact on the planet.

Lotion and moisturizer

Your body and face are going to feel extremely dry after giving birth, and while this item is more for you as a parent and recently new mother – it’s still essential to your health going forward. Moisturiser without any harmful chemicals or fragrances can also be used on your baby if their skin isn’t super sensitive, this is often recommended if they’re suffering from broken or torn skin after birth. Be careful though as most baby lotions are best for this sort of thing, we wouldn’t recommend using an adult product on your little one.

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