Essential Tools to Create Your Next Unique Mix


Few things could ever compare to the beauty and impact of music. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, it always has a way of reaching deep down and touching us on the most personal levels. While listening to music is a joy of its own, creating it, is an unparalleled experience. You get to express your feelings and thoughts through tunes that resonate with other people. Perhaps this is why music transcends all conflicts and barriers, because it shows that we do have things in common. If you want to create a mix with some great tunes, you can’t do it without the right tools. These are some essentials that you should get for your next mix. View here to learn more about Online Mixing.

The Music Map

This is an online tool that is essential for any person who wants to produce and mix some catchy tunes. Unless you are recording the tunes yourself playing the instruments, The Music Map could really help you. If you’re not playing the instruments, then you’re putting together different sounds and tunes from different places, and this tool can help you do just that. So, you’ll just type in the name of a particular artist that you want to sample some tunes from, and it will show you a list of similar artists. That way, you can mix different tunes from those various artists to create a truly unique mix of your own.


Some producers and DJs don’t really want to sample tunes by other artists. They want instrument sounds, raw and prerecorded, so they can mix them and create a tune that is already on their minds. This is where Samplified comes in. This tool is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. When you use this tool, you get non-filler music sounds, loops, presets, and one shot of the highest quality. You can then take those sounds, recorded by professional producers and sound engineers, and mix them to create your own unique sound.


This is one of the best tools out there, particularly for live mixing. It is a free and open-source software for DJs, used by thousands around the world. It is also compatible with just about all operating systems, which makes it perfect for mixing anywhere. The best part about Mixxx is the fact that you don’t really need any additional hardware to use it, and you can DJ using just this tool. It does come with Midi control, though, in case you want to plug in additional hardware. It even comes with vinyl control, which gives you more options for mixing and DJing.


Want to create a cool mix and share it with the world? Opentape is what you are looking for. This is also an open-source and free package that lets you upload your own mixtapes online. You just need to find a playlist that you love, start mixing and creating unique tunes, and then share them on your own website using this tool. It is great for customization and creating some pretty memorable tunes, and you get to share them with whomever you want –– which makes it ideal for beginners who want to get into that world.


Audacity is one of the best DJ software out there, and it can help you get into that world by becoming a virtual DJ. Through this tool, you can play audio files, edit, mix, and record, which makes it one of the most versatile mixing tools out there. You can even record live music using Audacity, which you can then use for playbacks. The software supports a variety of different formats, and its interface is very easy and intuitive, so even novices can get around to mixing some unique tunes using this.


Last but not least, a good pair of headphones is a must if you want to create a unique, high-quality mix. You need to hear the sounds and tunes you are creating in very high quality; there is a reason why DJs are almost always on stage wearing a pair of headphones. It is how they can hear the sounds and in turn edit and mix them. Make sure you get some durable headphones that are designed for DJs; they will make mixing a lot more interesting and easier for you.

The most important thing when it comes to mixing is to keep practicing. You won’t get better overnight, and you won’t come up with a unique mix out of the blue. You need to practice as much as you can, to get better, and more importantly, listen to a lot of music for inspiration.

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