Essentials for a Perfect Day in Nature


Spending time outdoors amongst nature can be just what the doctor ordered to replenish your soul and boost your mood. Walking around the greenery and breathing in the fresh air beyond the confinement of your 4 walls will have such a wonderful impact on the way you see life. Especially now more than ever, after people around the world were forced to go into lockdown for months on end on account of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Even self-proclaimed home buddies have felt the heaviness of being forced to disconnect from nature. Luckily enough, life is slowly going back to normal as many countries are easing the lockdown just in time for the happy months of summer. Like many, you must be looking forward to getting back out and frolicking in nature. If you want to be prepared to do just that, here are some essentials that you will need for a perfect day in nature.

BBQ Grill

There is no way you would call a day outdoors a success without feasting on some delicious BBQ. To gear up for the weekly BBQ party with your loved ones, you need to make sure that your grill is in tiptop shape and up for the challenge. Take your grill out a few hours before your guests are set to arrive and check to see if it needs any troubleshooting. If you notice that the burner is not lighting or it is not getting hot enough, this means that the regulator needs a reset. Instead of wasting time, just follow the Palm Beach Grill Center regulator reset guide where with a few simple steps you can get your grill up and running in no time. However, you need to make sure you are following the proper ignition sequence before you start. Assuming everything is off, first, turn on your propane tank, followed by your burners, then finally ignite. Now you are ready to move on to the recommended reset process. Once you are happy with your griller’s performance, light it up to preheat before your guests start arriving. 

Disposable Tableware

Whether you are hosting a BBQ party in your backyard or going for an outdoor family picnic, disposable tableware will save you the hassle of cleaning up at the end of the day. You can find some interesting ones with fun colors and patterns to add a touch of elegance to your party. Find ones made from environment-friendly materials like wood and paper instead of hazardous plastic ones. 


Don’t let your eagerness to bask in the sun on a beach day with the family make you forget about the necessity of applying heaps of protective sunblock. Sunburns and serious skin damage are no joke, spending long hours under the sun without applying an adequate amount of sunblock can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have sensitive skin. Do yourself a favor and always remember to pack your favorite sunblock before you head out so that you can reapply every two hours as per dermatologists’ advice. If you have small children, be adamant about sun protection as their delicate skin tends to be even more susceptible to sunburns. 

Refillable Water Bottle

Hydration is key when you are planning to spend the day outdoors. Your body will need to cool down from the inside out if it is to endure the scorching heat. Find a refillable bottle that can keep your water cold and refreshing throughout the day without posing a hazard to the environment like its plastic counterparts. If you are going on a long hike make sure you have enough water, you can even add electrolyte powder to compensate for the minerals you will be sweating out. 

Insect Repellent

One of the worst things about spending a day in nature is the risk of being eaten alive by blood-sucking mosquitos. Especially to those who suffer from severe allergic reactions, one bite can become a matter of life or death. Consult a healthcare professional beforehand, so that you can understand what to look for when shopping for an insect repellent. Instead of letting tiny bites ruin your long-awaited day in nature, take along your insect repellent and spray yourself as often as you need until you feel shielded enough. 


If there’s one thing we have learned from the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s that hygiene can literally save our lives. Being outdoors will subject you to all kinds of germs and pollutants that can compromise your health. Before venturing outdoors, make sure you have enough disinfecting products that can protect you and your family from catching any diseases. You will need some wipes to clean any surface that you will come in contact with like picnic benches and tables. You will also need a hand sanitizer to clean your hands before you touch your food. By now you probably know that disinfectants have become a household staple, so it might be a good idea to buy in bulk so that you can save some money. 

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen at any time when you are out in nature. Especially if you are attempting a new hike trail or engaging in an extreme sport, you will need to pack a first aid kit. Attending to an injury until you can reach a hospital can save yours or a friend’s life, so do not shrug it off as an optional item. True you are going out to have fun and spend some good times with your friends, however, nobody knows what might happen, at the end of the day, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Essentials for a Perfect Day in Nature

Suitable Clothes

To enjoy your day as much as possible, you need to make sure that you are well-dressed for the occasion. Steer clear from itchy materials that can become even more irritating when you sweat. Find breathable natural fabrics that can help your body breathe while allowing you a full range of motion. As for your shoes, it is extremely important to find the right footwear for the kind of activities that you will be doing. If you are going for a hike, it is worth investing in special heavy-duty hiking shoes that you can rely on for years to come. Otherwise, if you are planning for a more low-impact activity like spending the day on the beach, you will need a pair of water-resistant flip flops that are light enough to walk in on the sand. Whichever way you are planning on spending your day, try to put some thought into finding the right clothes and footwear.

A Good Book

There is something magical about reading a good book while breathing some fresh air and reveling in the warm sunshine. If you are a new reader, you will be surprised at how reading outdoors can be a completely different experience. It’s as if somehow your physical freedom allows your mind to follow suit and you get to see the words you are reading in a whole new light. Pick a book that you have been struggling to read back at home and see how different you are going to feel about it as you read it with the soothing sounds of nature playing in the background. 


Being amongst nature will bring out the photographer in you so you better be ready with your camera. A smartphone camera will do the trick if you know how to properly adjust the settings to take the perfect pictures. However, if you are more of a hardcore photography junkie, there is no better chance than to take your new professional camera for a spin than on a day in nature. Pack all the necessities that you will need like your tripod and an extra memory card to capture some magical photos that you and your friends can look back on and reminisce about in the future. 

Delicious Snacks

It is an undeniable fact that food makes everything better. No matter where you are going, packing some yummy snacks will make the day even more exciting. Think of foods that are easy to travel and can withstand the summer heat. Fruits like apples and bananas are the perfect outdoor snacks or you can go for something more replenishing, like some charcuterie and PB&J sandwiches. If your kids are coming along on a hike, you will most definitely have to pack some marshmallows, crackers, and chocolates so they can enjoy some grilled s’mores. 

Swiss Army Knife

A multi-tool will come in handy when you need to cut some wood logs for your grill or even just to open a stubborn soda can. Being outdoors means that you have to find smart ways to make do with what you have at hand since you might not have access to convenient and hardware stores. 

Foldable Chairs

Sitting on the ground for an extended time can be very uncomfortable, especially for older folks and those who have back problems. The best thing you can do to make sure that everyone has a great time is to bring some foldable chairs. Get yourself some picnic chairs that are compact enough to fit inside your car.

Trash Bags

It is important to be responsible when it comes to disposing of your trash when you are outdoors. You will not always have the option to hold onto your trash until you find a garbage can, so be mindful of the environment and pack your own trash bags. After all, you are looking to spend a perfect day in nature, so you might as well do your part to leave it in the same perfect state that you found it in. 


Listening to music while surrounded by nature is a sure way to uplift your mood and give you all the feels. Download your favorite tunes and have an impromptu party with your friends on the beach where you can dance your worries away using the right kind of outdoor speaker. Nothing is more invigorating than moving your body freely in an open space, if you have never tried it, now is the time to give it a go, you will not be disappointed. 

GPS Device

While you are looking forward to getting lost in nature, you surely don’t mean that quite literally.  Activating a GPS feature on your mobile phone or your smartwatch will give you the chance to wander responsibly. This is especially important if you are going to a new location that you aren’t familiar with its ins and outs. Having a GPS device is also a smart way to find your way back to your car at the end of the day when it’s dark and you can barely see ahead of you. You want your day in nature to be a fun and happy one not a scene from an eerie horror movie. 

Charged Mobile Phone

Being fully prepared will allow you to enjoy your time without having to play unsettling scenarios in your mind over and over again. Before heading out, make sure your mobile is fully charged and pack an extra power bank, so you won’t have to worry about it dying out on you. In case of an emergency, it is good to know that you have the option to call for help, be it for a flat tire or simply to check on your friends who are running late. Keep your phone stowed away for emergencies so you do not waste your precious time in nature scrolling down your newsfeed or checking strangers’ photos on Instagram. 

Now that you know what are the essentials that you will need for a perfect day in nature, focus on making the most out of your day. This global pandemic that the world is battling has been teaching us some hard lessons. However, it would be a shame if you don’t take a minute and actually listen. Be present with your body and mind and aim to create wonderful memories with the ones you love. Appreciate nature and make it a point to thoroughly enjoy it and revel in its magic, but at the same time, understand that it is your responsibility as a human being to protect and preserve it for the generations to come. 

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