Essentials to Consider before Installing Vinyl Panels for Screened Porch

Do you have a porch, hot but, or gazebo which you want to cover up with something which can save on your heating bills? Do you want to protect your porch from bad weather conditions and strong winds?  Want to block pollen and dust particles from getting into your open spaces? Well, you are the right place as here we are discussing the most cost-effective option of using clear vinyl panels to be installed at your porch and other desired spaces.

Usage of clear vinyl panels

To install clear screen porch windows, you may have to spend some big bucks. It will require proper framing to be fixed on to the walls to install glass windows. It can surely add more room to your house, but you need to shell out hundreds of pounds to get it done depending on the size and width of your porch area. The vinyl covering is the cheaper, but much effective alternative to the same.

Many of the homeowners out there have already installed premium Avery Dennison vinyl on their porches. You can easily install, remove, or replace the vinyl screens as these are very thin. Usually, it is 20-gauge clear vinyl used as a screen, which is very think enough to fit the spline and channel. There is also 3o to 40-gauge vinyl which is thicker and may require a bigger channel to fix it.  Most of the people who live in the hot areas use vinyl screens at their porch during summertime, so that they can easily install them and remove when not needed. These are the places where people tend to use higher gauge vinyl which can be more endurable and can offer add-on insulation during wintertime.

Using wood frames to install vinyl panels

You can install clear vinyl panels for screened porch using wood frames also which can pop out and in. These are made of mouldings of varying sizes like 1″ x 2″ or ¾” etc. based on the total open space. Many people also may cut the wood to match to the size of the window opening, where some of them are bigger than that of the vinyl panels used.

Once the wooden pieces are cut appropriately, you can use wood glue or small screws to fix it in the form a frame. Vinyl can then be spread and stretched over the frame and stable it in place. This is ideal for the people who want to fix the vinyl throughout the year permanently. However, this permanent fixing is not ideal for those who want to remove the panels away during summer.

Using grommets

This is another method of installing vinyl enclosure to your porch. This is also very cheap and easy to accomplish. You may use grommets to be installed on the porch enclosures, which will also let an easy installation and storage when not in use.

The grommets can roll up when not in use. Some of the users may roll up the vinyl and tie it on the underside of the porch itself while not used. You may also fully remove it and store it at a dry space at the shed or garage.