Essentials You Need To Set Up an Aquarium

Fish are easy to handle pets that don’t require too much upkeep, and they need the right environment to thrive, although some people experience troubles when setting up one. There are essential items that should be placed in every aquarium, and failure to do so might pose a threat to the fish. Here is a list of equipment that should be incorporated in every aquarium. 

Fish Tank

A huge tank would be ideal, but you have to factor in the space that you have in your home. If you need to set up an aquarium, consider large tanks that will provide enough swimming space and room for respiration. Most fish enthusiasts prefer glass aquariums, although you should find acrylic containers since they rarely break, and they are lighter in weight. Besides, acrylic fish tanks would be suitable for families since they are hard to break; hence your kids won’t pose a threat whenever they run around the house.

Aquarium Filter

The air filter is an essential piece of the aquarium, considering that it helps maintain the water quality since it removes toxic materials from the aquarium. With a weak filtration system, your fish will die; hence the filter should provide biological, chemical, and mechanical mechanisms to purify the water. With the right website, you will find the equipment information on the right aquarium filter that will suit your fish tank size. Filters are often rated based on the size of the aquarium; therefore, based on the GPH rating, find a filter that will sustain life in the fish tank. 

Water Conditioner

Find a water conditioner that regulates the number of heavy metals, ammonia, and chlorine levels in the aquarium. The aquarium water should be regularly dechlorinated before you add fish to the tank, and a water conditioner does all the work for you. 

Test Kit

The test kit would be useful since it will help you monitor the water parameters such as nitrite content, ammonia, and pH levels. You will need to check the water parameters regularly to determine whether the levels are within the specified range so that they can sustain aquatic life. Most test strips can measure water parameters; thus, you should consider purchasing a test kit if you are a fish enthusiast. 

Tank Light

The aquarium light provides the right environment for plants in the aquarium, and it illuminates the fish tank, thus offers aesthetic enjoyment for the fish. If you incorporate plants in the aquarium, you should consider purchasing 5 watts of light for every gallon of water. 

Aquarium Plants are a great addition to your new aquarium. Find live aquarium plants like Anubias and Java Fern on Aquarzon.

Algae Scrubber

Algae will grow in the aquarium; therefore, you should be prepared to handle the menace. A scrubber would be ideal during maintenance, although, an algae magnet might be helpful. The scrubber allows you to remove algae so that you don’t place your hands in the aquarium and contaminate the water.


Water Heater

Your fish need to have a stable water temperature; hence, you should find a water heater that suits your aquarium’s size. Besides the water heater, you will also need a thermometer to monitor the surrounding temperature. Consider purchasing a wireless aquarium thermometer that would be convenient for monitoring the surrounding temperature. 

Decorations and Substrates

Decorations and Substrates

Besides the decorations, the fish tank substrates will help filter the water since they offer bacteria and microorganisms a place to inhabit. Consider having a 2-inch gravel or substrate layer in the fish tank to get optimum results. If you plan to have a public aquarium, find some non-buffering yet decorative substrates that will reduce the chlorine and pH fluctuations. Besides, consider incorporating coral reefs, sunken ships, and driftwood in the aquarium to provide that perfect finishing touch.


Find high quality, medium-sized fishnet that will help you maintain the aquarium. Besides, it would be best if you consider purchasing two or three nets to help you catch fish in the aquarium. One might be enough, although you might need a spare net in case you misplace or tear one. The length of the net should be proportional to the tank size, so you won’t have to dip your hands in the water to catch fish. 

The essential supplies and equipment mentioned above are necessary for setting up an aquarium. You should consider purchasing some of the material, if not all, to provide the right environment for your fish. Without some of the equipment, the fish won’t survive for long; therefore, before you decide to set up an aquarium, you should make sure to spare some money to buy the essential items.