Evermerge how to get Game Currency


evermerge is a cartoon-style merge game that is very popular with players. There are many functions of currency in the game. No matter what items you want to buy, or to buy energy to continue through the game, game currency is essential. , the following editor will show you how to get currency in the evermerge game. If you want to know more about the evermerge game, please visit gametopn.com.

In the evermerge game, gold coins and rubies, among which rubies are a high-quality currency, so they are more difficult to obtain than gold coins. Both currencies can be purchased with real money, but you’ll want to know how to earn the currency in the game itself. Here’s how to get coins and rubies.

1. How to get gold coins

For gold coins , players can use gold coins to buy some items, energy, treasure chests, and various items for merging in the market . During the golden hour event, gold coins can also help speed up construction, order and clear obstacles , and harvest from farms and castles award.

Here’s how to earn coins :

  1. Players can get gold coins every time they merge advanced items .
  2. Complete daily tasks and special tasks ,
  3. Collect gold items in the game .
  4. Buy rubies.
  5. Open the treasure chest obtained .
  6. Work in the mine .
  7. Discover new items in the game.
  8. Watching in – flight commercials offers valuable prizes.
  9. Promotions in the game can get gold coins at a cost-effective price .
  10. Garbage collection.

Collecting a group of gold coins can be used to merge bronze powder . Basically, bronze powder will exit after the hero is healed . Combining 5 items can get 2 gold coins with a face value of 1. If you continue to merge gold coins , you will receive gold coins of higher denomination , the maximum denomination is 810 gold coins. It is also recommended that you check the ad as soon as it becomes available, the more videos a player watches each day, the higher the reward .

How to get ruby

Evermerge’s rubies are a high-quality and precious currency that you can use to instantly harvest items from trees or crops, and you can also use rubies in the shop to buy treasure chests . Although it is not very difficult to obtain rubies , it is not recommended that you spend at will . For example, do not use rubies to buy dessert ingredients , which is not cost -effective.

Here is how to obtain rubies :

  1. Purchase directly with real money.
  2. Collect ruby chains in the game .
  3. new level in the game .
  4. Participate in activities that can earn rubies .
  5. Complete the daily objective , which will be unlocked after level 6 .
  6. Open daily treasure chests and advanced treasure chests to get rubies .
  7. Complete daily tasks and special tasks .
  8. Watch in -flight commercials.
  9. Participate in work in mines .

Merging advanced items will produce ruby dust , ruby dust is the first condition to collect ruby chains , it rarely drops , if the player can complete the chain to the end, will be able to get 180 rubies. It is recommended that you use rubies to get gold coins, because gold coins can be used to buy energy to help players move forward in the game .


The above is how to get gold coins and rubies in the evermerge game. If you want to know more about the game guide and skill website of evermerge, you can continue to visit gametopn.com, where the relevant content of evermerge will be continuously updated , and you can download and play evermerge immediately. Come and try it now!


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