Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Salvage Vehicle at Auction

Shopping for a salvage vehicle can be an exciting and nerve-wracking journey. Therefore, before you attend a car auction yourself, you should know everything about salvage cars for sale and how auctions work.

It’s best to attend an established car auction with a wide assortment of vehicles. A perfect example would be an online car auction, such as SCA auctions, where there are plenty of SCA salvage title cars for sale, along with plenty of other rebuilt cars for sale. To help guide you, this article will inform you on what to consider before attending an auction yourself for the first time.

Understand What a Salvage Title Is

Depending on which state you live in, a salvage title may be given to a vehicle due to a few different factors. The most common way a vehicle obtains a salvage title is when an insurance company deems it a “total loss” after an accident due to the repair costs exceeding a certain percentage of the vehicle’s value.

What to Consider Before Visiting a Salvage Car Auction

Now that you know what a salvage title car is, you need to ask yourself some key questions before you enter a car auction. Car auctions are a place where you can take huge risks or potentially find the car of your dreams.

Learn About Different Kinds of Car Auctions

Whether you attend an in-person auction or bid online, going to a car auction can be an exciting experience. If you don’t have any auctions near you, there are many online auctions available.

Most online auctions are simple, just search for the make you’re looking for and bid on a salvage car. Ensure that the online auction website has good customer support.

In-person auctions encourage buyers to see everything firsthand and also tend to have social events that allow you to get to know the seller.

Check the Rules of Your Nearby Car Auction

Checking the rules of the car auction you plan to buy from is a great way to know what to expect  beforehand. For example, you don’t want to attend a car auction that makes shopping difficult because it restricts you or doesn’t post enough information.

Online Reviews: Make sure your chosen auction allows positive and negative reviews. If you notice that an auction tends to moderate comment sections, there may be some bad business there.

Check Support: You should be able to communicate directly with customer support at online auctions.

Inspections: Your online auction should allow you to conduct in-person inspections.

The Best Salvage Car Auctions

Listed below are the best salvage car auctions available on the web and nationwide. It’s smart to go to a popular auction if you’re a newcomer, especially local auctions.

SCA Auction Cars

SCA Auctions is a reputable online auction with over 200 locations nationwide and over 300,000 vehicles sold regularly. In addition, no matter which state you live in, when you use SCA online auto auction, you can find vehicles for sale near you. By purchasing a vehicle within your state, it will be easier for you to inspect the vehicle before you buy and it can cut down on the time of shipping.

At SCA Auctions, you can see SCA auction cars in person before bidding, and even hire an inspection service. This online auction is friendly to newcomers and car experts alike, because of its high-quality service.


Hemmings is the top seller of exclusively classic salvage cars with a history dating back to 1954. This online auction has a longstanding reputation for the quality of its collection and the popularity of their auctions

This vehicle auction’s historical presence and embrace of vintage cars attracts a large community for newcomers to get comfortable. This means there are plenty of connections to be made and information to be gathered.

Orlando Longwood Auto Auction

Orlando Longwood Auto Auction is a Florida-based vehicle auction with a large variety of cars to choose from online and in person. This is one of the best auctions to check out if you live in Florida or plan to visit.

This Florida-based auction is available to the public throughout the city and also near hotels. You can check out any salvage cars for sale online. If you make an account on their site, you may also enter live lane sales and get better deals.

Car Tech Auto Auction

Car Tech Auto Auction is an online auction where you can bid or buy cars live every week. This online auction broadcasts salvage cars nationwide and is based in New Jersey. If you’re confident in buying, or need a cheap vehicle right away, there are plenty of salvage cars for sale that you can purchase instantly.

Buy a Great Salvage Car Today!

Now that you know everything you need to know about buying a salvage car, make sure you have enough money and time to complete the sale. Salvage cars are a great option for people looking to save money on what can be a perfectly functional vehicle.

Buying a salvage car can be exciting, and by doing the proper research beforehand, it can be one of the best decisions you have ever made.