Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring Software


If you haven’t heard of the term employee monitoring, we might want to ask where you have been, but you are probably reading this posting because you have heard about it and are probably considering it for your organization.

Employee monitoring software has become imperative in the world of remote work to help employees monitor the work patterns of their staff and ensure that they are working from home as they claim.

Find out more about employee monitoring and its benefits for your organization.

What is employee monitoring software?

An employee monitoring software is designed to offer insights into the work patterns and daily activities of workers and agents, whether in-office or remotely. The software monitors activities such as web activity, application usage, and employee login details. Most software also leverages time-tracking features to describe an employee’s behavior alongside their productivity flow.

It is important to note that employee monitoring isn’t spying on staff members or micromanaging them, but should be used appropriately to improve employee transparency, productivity, and efficiency.

Advantages of using employee monitoring software

Your decision to implement employee monitoring is tied to several benefits for your organization. They include the following:

1. Improved Time Management

Whether your employees work from home or in the office, it is easy to get carried away by distractions when using the internet. Having a monitoring tool helps to spot reduced productivity caused by idleness or distraction on the internet. When work supervisors become aware that time is being wasted, they will keep employees in check to ensure the work is being done.

2. Transparency, accountability, and productivity

Transparency is important, especially for remote work, to ensure that employees are not only held accountable when they are in the office but also when working from home. With employee monitoring software, supervisors are sure that productivity is being achieved during work hours.

3. Secure Network to Prevent breaches

Remote work often faces the challenge of security breaches either due to the usage of multiple devices, negligence, or inactivity. As a result, an organization might lose important and confidential information.

With employee monitoring software that has added network protection, all possible security threats can be detected. You can monitor all traffic that goes into an organization’s network and those that leave to ensure the safety of the organization.

Employee monitoring software: Ethical and legal considerations

It is important to state that employee monitoring shouldn’t be a means of invading the privacy of staff members or micromanaging all their activities.

Employee monitoring should be done with all ethical considerations simply for the achievement of productivity and accountability in the workplace. The monitoring shouldn’t be done with any malicious intent or personal vendetta, which is why it should be carried out by trusted and impartial supervisors.

As far as the law is concerned, there are different laws covering employee monitoring, depending on the country your organization resides. In some countries, your organization might need to notify employees and get their consent before such monitoring can be done, but some countries don’t require the organization to do so.

Features of employee monitoring software

Now that you know the advantages of employee monitoring software for your businesses, it is important to talk about the features you need to consider when choosing software for your business.

Please note that there are several employee monitoring software out there, which often makes it tricky to decide on which one to work with. However, you don’t need to be overwhelmed when shopping for software because we have a checklist to help you select the most-suitable monitoring software for your company.

These features have been selected and developed by experts from Kickidler as they have found it useful to companies. They include:

Autokick: For Notifications and Self-monitoring

Autokick from Kickidler is one of the tools that support employee management by monitoring employee productivity for both the employee and employer and notifying them of activities considered workplace violations. When wrong work behaviors are taking place, Autokick sounds an alarm to put the employee back in line.

Screen Video recording features

You can record and replay an employee’s actions on the computer using this Kickidler program as all activities of the employee on the computer are recorded and stored in a compressed format. You can view whatever segment of the video you want, thanks to the available filter settings.

Online screen monitoring

You can watch the screen of your employees while they work and see what they are doing at every given time, thanks to this screen monitoring solution. You can monitor individually, or as a team.


Easily monitor how much time your staff spends working using this Kickidler solution for automated timing. With this program, you can not only track the work time of your employees but also monitor their activities at all times and measure their productivity levels.

Productivity analysis

Employers who want to monitor how productive employees are during their work hours can use kickidler to do that. You will be able to see whether they are on social media, spending time on personal activities, or even working on a side job.

Work time reports

These work time reports show the activities of employees on a chart, dividing the activities into efficiency groups, as well as dividing them into intervals of 5 minutes.


The keylogger function allows the employer to study all the keystrokes, whether recorded or online, and also download them on an Excel document to understand the contexts of all activities that are under monitoring at the given time.

Now that you know the important features of efficient monitoring software, you will be able to purchase the right product for your employees, clients, and office operations, while ensuring that you respect privacy and ethics.

Final Thoughts

The best employee monitoring software for you is one that can meet all your needs and handle all your employee privacy and productivity concerns. Don’t be quick to choose just any software until you check and confirm that the chosen software will benefit all the teams within your organization.

It is also important to pay attention to the legal procedures and jurisdictions related to employee monitoring within your state and country. With the perfect employee monitoring software, you can rest assured that your remote workforce activities will be productive.



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