Everything You Need to Know About Myer’s Cocktail IV


Wellness is at the top of everyone’s mind these days.

One way that people are enhancing their wellness is through IV therapy treatments. With the likes of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner posting her drip session on the gram, people are realizing that looking after your health can be cool—and done in the comfort of your home

But just like all things health and wellness related, it is important to understand a treatment first before deciding if it is something that is right for you. So in addition to chatting to your doctor about whether or not to sign up for a Myer’s Cocktail IV yourself, there are a range of things you should know first about the treatment.

So we have rounded up all the must-know facts that explain how this IV treatment got its name, why it was concocted and what the aim of the treatment is.

Here is everything to know about the Myer’s Cocktail IV.

It is Named After John Myers, M.D.

John Myers, M.D. is considered to be an alternative medicine pioneer and revolutionized treatments that help people who suffer from a range of chronic conditions. The Myer’s Cocktail IV was designed to try and help those who suffer from ongoing pain to find relief. He did much of his research and practice in Maryland and had a range of patients who suffered from things like asthma, chronic fatigue, allergies, muscle pain and even heart diseases. Not only did John successfully treat hundreds of his patients with the Myer’s Cocktail IV during the time that he practiced medicine, but did so with a range of different types of patients that even included elite athletes.

The Ingredients of the Myer’s Cocktail IV

So what exactly goes into making the Myer’s Cocktail IV? When John created this remedy, he did so based on his observation that many of his patients with chronic pain were also not getting enough proper nutrition into their system. So he decided to combine all the essentials like magnesium, calcium, vitamin B and vitamin C into one cocktail IV that got delivered straight to his patients.

Here are the benefits of the ingredients within the Myer’s Cocktail:

  • Magnesium: increases your mood, provides anti-inflammatory results, lowers blood pressure and releases hundreds of necessary biochemical reactions within your body.
  • Calcium: keeps your muscles—including the heart—strong and supports nerves to properly function.
  • Vitamin B: helps promote the growth of more red blood cells, increases your energy levels, enhances brain functionality and supports regular digestion.
  • Vitamin C: lowers risk of chronic diseases, can decrease the chance of becoming iron deficient and enhances your immune system

How the Myer’s Cocktail Works

While you can take supplements through a range of methods including oral ingestion via a supplement capsule or powder, this Myer’s Cocktail IV was purposely designed to be received intravenously. The reason being is that John realized that in order for his patients to successfully maximize the benefits of his cocktail, all the supplements would need to bypass the digestive system and instead go straight into the bloodstream. So this treatment is administered by a trained nurse who inserts a catheter directly into your vein. While recommendations vary by patient, some  medical professionals then recommend that the cocktail treatment is administered at least once a week for an entire month.

Why It Is So Popular

One of the main reasons that the Myer’s Cocktail IV has become so popular and mainstream is that it helps both those who are sick and those who are healthy. The ingredients within the cocktail are ones that we typically need more of, regardless of our current health situation. So no matter what, it is likely that positive results will be felt after a few IV treatments. In fact, many who get this treatment administered notice a difference in their body even as quickly as a day.

The Myer’s Cocktail IV has revolutionized the way we can enhance our own wellbeing. With the ability to get this IV treatment in the comfort of our home, it is a reliable go-to for those who feel tired, stressed or simply need a little pick-me-up.

But of course, like all medical treatments, you should first make sure that the Myer’s Cocktail IV is something that makes sense for your individual health. You can do so by talking to your doctor and seeing how this IV treatment can further support your overall health goals.



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