Everything You Need to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra; Specifications, Price, and Release Date


Samsung started the year 2021 on high notes with some of the best announcements. Towards the end of January, we saw them launch their Galaxy S21 series which gave us an insight into what to expect from Samsung phones for the year.

This raised a lot of excitement in the phone industry as many people looked forward to some of these high-end devices. Naturally, everyone expected the Galaxy Note 21 to take be the first release. Asides from the fact that it is Samsung’s culture, the Galaxy Note series has seen a whole lot of improvement since the company started its S range. Samsung fans will particularly tell you, there have been significant improvements in the camera, and the general aesthetics of the phone.

While we were expecting some exciting news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra specifications, Samsung seemed to be preparing some surprises for us all.In what looks like a surprising turnout, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Z Fold 3 smartphones seem to be Samsung’s next focus. Like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, these phones will come with Samsung’s S Pen—a feature that seems to be sparking heated debates in the phone industry at the moment.

People have started to wonder if Samsung plans to continue its Galaxy Note series. While there is a lot of contention going on, we have brought to you some of what we know at the moment.

In this article, we will be relaying back to you some of what we’ve heard first hand. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra Price, its expected launch date, and its possible specs. Keep reading to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra Price

A lot is still unclear as regards the price of the Galaxy Note21 Ultra. There are a lot of rumors but there seems to be some sort of consensus across all these sources. Most people say that Samsung is likely to take the path they have walked in the past. That is, they will likely launch their next note devices around the prices we saw in the previous models. If this is true that, the new Samsung Note 21 Ultra Should be worth between $859 and $1100.

Samsung Galaxy Note21 Ultra Release Date

This is a big issue at the moment as there are rumors that Samsung plans to stop producing their Samsung Galaxy Note Series. However, we believe the delay in release is only a marketing strategy to push out their new high-end devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Z Fold 3.

Samsung previously announced that their new Galaxy Note 21 Ultra would be out by 2021. We all expected that the launch date of the phone would be announced at their event on August 11, 2021. Unfortunately, Samsung itself announced that it had no plans to unveil the Note at the event.

This came as a shock since Samsung had previously said it was committed to the Note series. However, we have high hopes that the phone will likely return in 2022 instead of in 2021. If our predictions are true and Samsung continues its Galaxy Note in 2021, we should have the phone anytime earlier than August 2022

Samsung Galaxy Note21 Design

There are hardly any rumors going on about the design or Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra specifications in general. A majority of the rumors you will find on the internet are about whether or not Samsung will release the phone or not. That seems to be some calculated strategy from Samsung as it makes the phone’s fans eagerly anticipate it even more.

We expect that the phone will have some design details from its predecessors. For instance, we expect it will look something similar to the Samsung S22 series which is still in production but will launch before the Galaxy Note S21 Ultra.

As usual, we know it will come in a waterproof metal frame sitting in between glass panels. We expect the phone to also have some sleek finish to it as well. Like with all note series from Samsung, we know it will have its inbuilt S pen. We have also heard rumors that it will have its fingerprint sensor under the display screen.

Word on the street is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra might also have its front camera built under its screen like in the Z Fold 3. If this happens, it might change the look of Samsung’s Note series as all Future Samsung Note devices might drop the punch hole camera for this feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra specifications

Beyond the design, the following are some of the possible Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra specificationswe expect.

We start with the most important, that is the processors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra will likely run on something better than the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 chipsets. It is also very likely that the phone will have 8GB of RAM or even more.

Since the Galaxy S21 series no longer uses microSD cards, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra will likely follow suit.

We also expect a larger battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra judging from the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series have batteries within the range of 4000mAh and 5000mAh. Therefore, we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra have between 4,000 and 4,500mAh battery

In terms of display, we expect to see displays with a refresh rate of 120HZ on this phone since all the Galaxy S21 models already have this feature. In addition to that, we expect that the screens have a Full HD+ resolution.

No rumors are surrounding what to expect from the  Galaxy Note 21 Ultra’s camera. However, we expect it will be a little better than the S20 series. We could see more lenses at the back and up to 108mp in the main camera.



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