Everything You Need to Know About Software Translation

Integrations of the software into the systems are the need of the hour. Some global companies develop the software of the company themselves with the help of the IT department while others buy software from vendors and then make changes to them. Software integrated properly with other departments of the organization increases the productivity of the company. You must be wondering how you can integrate the software with the subsidiaries.

For instance, a subsidiary of your China company is working in the Philippines. If you want HR software to be used in the Philippines properly then you should take the assistance of Filipino translation services. With the help of translation services, internal employees can optimally use the software.

Due to the increase in globalization, your software should be developed in a way that can accommodate the number of languages

How Software Helps in the Growth of Global Business

Globalization has made many companies operate in local markets. Therefore, many companies are operating in different countries and they have a diverse workforce working in different corporate environments. Although English is the universal business language many local companies don’t have the linguistic skills to operate software properly. Here comes the requirement for professional software translation.

Companies use automation to streamline their processes and to avoid errors in processes, the company goes for software translation services. If the software is not translated into local languages then it is not suitable for local markets. You cannot untapped the opportunities if you don’t go for software translation.

If you want your games to be played globally then you take the assistance gaming translation services.

In the same way, if you translate your software into multiple languages then companies around the world will buy and use them. Thanks to the internet, has removed all borders thus enabling companies to achieve high rates of investment through sales.

Software Translation & Software Localization

Sometimes, simple translation is not enough to fulfill the requirements of internal and external employees. Many local companies need integrated tools that can be immersed in the local culture. Thus the software must fulfill the local requirement by keeping it global.

Are you wondering, what is software localization? In this process, the content of the software is rewritten in local languages. It is the process of

adapting the software to the local market as per the cultural and regional nuances. IT is the technical field and many people are unable to use IT products because they are not tech-savvy. It becomes even more difficult when word-to-word translation is done for internal and external employees with no basic understanding of IT.

Software localization increases its usability. You can make your processes different from the competitors and add value for internal and external customers. This process is not easy. However, it will pay you in the long run with an increase in market share, sales, and company growth.

What is Software Internationalization

After understanding software translation and localization, you should develop a global business strategy. Translation agencies takes a lot of time. Before software localization, you have to translate and localize the software content in different languages and dialects.

First, you have to separate strings from the code. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should build the flexible so that it can later have different text lengths. In addition, you should prepare your software all for kinds of uncertainties. Some languages are written from right to left. Moreover, people use commas to denote large amounts of money.

Before writing the code, make sure that it can support all locals so that the localization process becomes easy.

Extensive Research is Required for Software Localization

First, you need to decide, in which language, you need to localize your software. The things-to-do list in software localization is lengthy and it is expensive too. Therefore, to minimize its costs, you should analyze the strength of the business and then hire a professional translator.

For the success of software localization, you must do extensive market research. In this research, you should analyze the benefit that you can reap from implementing the software, the position of local competitors, and software providers that are already working in the market. Moreover, the niche that you are trying to target is profitable or not.

You must also consider the cost of entering the new markets. It includes legal and corporate expenses, sales, and marketing in addition to infrastructure and customer support. All these things are very important to consider to know whether the market is worthwhile for software localization or not. If you don’t do this research then you will end up localizing the software for the wrong market.

Software Translation and Localization Pay Off

Software localization is very hard to calculate. Because revenues depend upon infrastructure, marketing, and sales.  The study by the localization Industry Standards Association researched and found that the 20 largest IT companies that invested in software localization got 1,000 % more revenue.

Wrapping Up

Software localization is the strategy of many global companies. Before going for software localization, you should first know the difference between translation and localization and then conduct extensive research to know about the markets that can reap a high return on investment.