Everything You Need to Know About Solar Installers


Solar installers are people that specialize in maintaining, building, and setting up devices that use solar energy to power buildings. Usually, solar installers work outdoors on rooftops to maintain, build, or set up solar energy devices. There can be many different types of solar energy alternatives, which is why solar installers are experts in their fields and can help you find what is right for your needs. The rest of this article will help you better understand how rooftop solar panels work, as well as how exactly they are installed. Top-rated solar installers are also listed.

How Rooftop Solar Panels Work

Solar power begins with sunlight. First, the sunlight shines onto the blue part of a solar panel. Then, the solar panel absorbs the sunlight into photovoltaic cells that are inside it. The photovoltaic cells contain electrical fields, which create an electrical charge when sunlight hits them. This electrical charge, which is direct current, is converted into alternating current, which is what powers most homes and buildings. Finally, the converted electricity powers your home or business! Now let’s look at how they are installed.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation can be a tricky job, which is why we recommended leaving it to professionals to install them. Additionally, there are multiple different types of solar panels that are available. We recommend talking to a professional solar power contractor before building solar power into your home or business to see what best fits your needs.

The following steps list generally how solar panels are installed on an individual’s roof:

  1. Support beams are secured onto specific places on an individual’s roof.
  2. Upper, middle, and lower rails are fastened onto the support beams.
  3. Electrical wiring, micro-inverter (the device that converts DC power to AC power), and copper grounding is run up to and installed on specific places on the upper, middle, and lower rails.
  4. Place the solar panels in their designated places and secure them onto the railings and the proper electrical equipment.
  5. Complete remaining electrical work by attaching all of the electrical components onto an electric meter and panel.

The Best Solar Installation Companies

There are many things that are important when choosing a solar installation company. Some of these things may include the amount of coverage the company provides, how long installation takes, pricing of installation and maintenance (including finance options), and Better Business Bureau ratings.

The following list (in no particular order) discusses three of the United State’s top-rated solar power companies:

  • SunPower: SunPower is available to individuals in all 50 states and is well known for its fast yet affordable installation options. Additionally, SunPower’s mobile application allows for easy-access use.
  • Sunpro Solar: Sunpro Solar is highly regarded by customers because of its high customer service reviews. Multiple customers report an easy installation process from start to finish- from design to maintenance of it. Additionally, Sunpro Solar is affordable and relatively quick on installation.
  • Blue Raven Solar: Customers who prefer Blue Raven Solar rave about Blue Raven Solar’s Blue Power Plus financial program, which allows customers to wait up to 18 months before paying for the solar panels. Blue Raven Solar also has an online estimation tool to take the pain of talking to a contractor for hours about which solar power equipment is right for you.

To recap, we learned a lot about solar power, how installation works, and about some of the top-rated solar installation companies. We hope you were able to gain some valuable insight into solar power.

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