Everything You Need to Know about Tantric Sex


Are you looking for a more intimate connection with your partner? If so, perhaps, it’s time to slow things down by considering tantric sex. The idea behind this sexual experience is to take things slow, prolong foreplay, and take advantage of the build-up of sexual tension.

The benefits of tantric sex are numerous, such as awakening your sexual energy, longer sessions of lovemaking, a deep sense of intimacy, enhanced communication, discovering multiple orgasms, no sexual blocks, establishing a heart connection with your loved one, etc.

If you wish to learn more about tantric sex, here is everything you need to know about it.

What is tantric sex?

It’s a slowed-down, meditative version of sex whose goal is to increase intimacy. The origin of this term comes from tantra, a Sanskrit word, meaning to weave. Consequently, it refers to weaving together with your partner by enjoying not just physical pleasure but also creating a mindful connection. Partners are supposed to merge together by creating a close bond and becoming more aware of their own bodies. You can also check rope tutorial for more experiments.

Tantric intimacy has the power to ease anxiety by removing the pressure related to traditional sex, particularly referring to performance anxiety. This practice should be explored by individuals looking to experiment in bed, wish to be more intimate with their partners, or reconnect with their loved ones both physically and spiritually.

Although tantric sex poses no limitations when it comes to gender, women are believed to find it more helpful. Females need to experience no distractions or pressure to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Fortunately, this practice teaches partners to focus on the present moment of intimacy without worrying too much about the things that follow.

Tantric sex isn’t oriented towards any goal, meaning partners won’t have to learn any special moves or strategies. The main idea is for individuals to take their minds off orgasm and place the focus on making foreplay more passionate and enjoyable. The tactics of delaying orgasm usually include breath control, massage, and meditative techniques. The following link, https://www.elitedaily.com/dating/tips-to-delay-male-orgasm/1462453, includes five tips to help delay male orgasms.

What is tantric sex

While tantric sex is absolutely erotic, it doesn’t necessarily involve traditional penetration that most individuals relate with sex. Breathwork is considered the core aspect of this practice, as individuals use it to make sexual energy flow throughout their bodies.

Practices and sex positions to try

The first step towards enjoying tantric intimacy is creating a sacred place by disconnecting yourself from the traditional world and delving into the world of pleasure. You should turn off all devices, light some scented candles, and treat yourselves with chocolate or other treats. Make sure to purify yourself by having a shower and wearing your favorite garments.

Once you create an intimate atmosphere, the following practice to try is eye gazing, which is also referred to as soul gazing. While looking your partner in the eye, there is virtually no place to hide, as you will be completely exposing yourself to your loved one. In order to experience a complete soul-gazing experience, you should face your partner by sitting on a chair or a pillow.

Apart from gazing at your partner softly, you can hold hands to even further increase the intimacy of the moment. The eye-gazing experience should last for at least two minutes to recognize the emotions that awaken inside you. Keep in mind that you can close your eyes during the gazing experience for a couple of seconds and open them again.

The natural thing to do after eye gazing for a few minutes is to place your hands over your heart. Tantric sex is all about being intimate and demonstrating your love for your partner. Make sure to reach across and put your right hand on the heart of your loved one while he/she places their hand on yours. Use your left hand to cover your own heart.

Practices and sex positions to try

The following step is to synchronize the breathing process by practicing deep and slow breaths. When inhaling, you are not just receiving breath but also love inside your heart. While exhaling, you will be sending them love from your heart to the heart of your loved one, thus creating a love circuit.

Another powerful aspect of Tantric sex is Tantric massage, which provides numerous orgasms both for men and women. In the course of Tantric massage, the role of one partner is to lie back, relax, and receive pleasure, whereas the other one is expected to move their hands slowly by covering every inch of the body. If you want to experience an unmatched professional tantric massage, you should opt for a Tantric massage in London. Couples should try yoni massage for clitoral stimulation and lingam massage for stimulation of male genitals.

Last but not least, couples interested in Tantric sex should try the yab-yam position, which is a symbol of the union between Shakti and Shiva. The former is physically receptive, whereas the latter is physically penetrative. The person taking the role of Shiva is supposed to sit cross-legged on a pillow. The person representing Shakti should place its legs over the legs of its partner.

In addition, the arms of “Shiva” should touch the waist of “Shakti,” whereas the arms of “Shakti” should be on the shoulders of “Shiva.” Partners also get connected by touching their heads either forehead to forehead or cheek to cheek. In this position, the chakras of both partners are aligned, and sexual energy is capable of moving upward. Find out why this sext position is perfect if your goal is getting closer to your partner.

Once lovers come into alignment, they should synchronize their breathing and move together in a slow rhythm. The movements may remain slow or become more vigorous. The base partner is in charge of giving, whereas the person on the top is in charge of receiving. You can be naked or fully clothed when practicing this position, depending on your preferences.

The bottom line

Make sure to explore the opportunities provided by tantric sex.

Your connection will no longer be just physical but spiritual as well!

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