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Hey, finding reliable information about something is a difficult task. Isn’t so? But https://valleyproud.org is a website developed by two famous and ambitious Valley entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts Nathan and Liz.

The entrepreneurs along with fishing are also passionate about cooking, camping, hiking, and rock climbing. In their website they share knowledge, and experience regarding it with  their personal experience.

Here in this post I am going to point out some of the most essential information from Valley Proud which you must required to know when you are planning to go for Hiking, Rock climbing or for any camping or any outdoor activity, alone or with your friends.

Extending the battery, and charging the phone while camping

Imagine, can you enjoy your camping when your phone’s battery just died? Not, in this digital world, you can’t pass an hour without using your phone. No need to worry, there are several ways are available for charging the phone without electricity, and enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Some trusted methods are listed below

Some trusted methods are listed below

  • Direct sunlight is to be avoided- Not a joke, harsh sunlight degrades the battery It is advised to keep it in a cool shaded place for extending the life of your battery.
  • Turn off the brightness, and turn-on the airplane mode- The brightness looks nice, but, it drains your battery. By turning it down you can boost your battery life. On the other hand, deactivate all your apps when not required by putting your phone into airplane mode.
  • Rechargeable power banks- Rechargeable power banks are the most common external battery packs. They are reliable than phone batteries as they can hold their power for months.
  • Car-generators- A car charger, and cable is available in wide ranges. Be smart while purchasing, as the cheap-one, can damage your phone, and vice-versa.
  • Electricity Generating Stoves- Unlike traditional campfires, a modern fire stove can be used for charging your mobile devices. The energy is clean as you feed the stove with wood.

For charging your phone from direct sunlight it is recommended to buy a portable solar panel as your basic electricity generator.

What is fishing?

What is fishing

As the name indicates, fishing is the activity of catching a fish. Besides fish, it may include catching other aquatic animals. The techniques used for the task are hand gathering, netting, angling, and trapping.

Fishing is generally done for food. However, sporting, and obtaining fish oil are other purposes. Fishing can be taken as a skill activity or luck. But luck fits best in the sense of fishing. The skill depends on the fish you are aiming to catch, and the situations. But a valuable element luck can’t be ignored while fishing.

Fishing is banned in some states. In others, it is permitted by following the strict rules, and regulations.

Concept, and types of fishing leader

A fishing leader is equipment that increases your chances of landing something nice. In brief, it is a strong fishing line, essential to be attached to your ordinary line. Some basic fishing leader includes-

  • Wire fishing leader
  • Standard Monofilament leader
  • Fluorocarbon Monofilament leader

The fishing leader offers a number of benefits. The pros, and cons depend on your objective for fishing, and the type of water. A fishing leader is used for 2 common reasons-

  • The invisibility factor
  • The strength factor

Is rock-climbing a rewarding workout?

Is rock-climbing a rewarding workout

Mastering rock-climbing is an unbelievable, and difficult task. Simply saying, the task is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rock-climbing is a great sport for recreation, and a great skill for the workout. Nevertheless, the more intensive you climb, the more calories you can burn.

The predictions are different on how many calories can be burnt by the activity. On average you can burn 500-700 calories an hour. The calculation is only for climbing, not for any exercise performed before or after it.

Burnt calories can be found-out by

X Hours * Y Calories/ per hour = Calories burnt

The longer you work out, the more calories can be burnt. It is regarded as the best work-out because it uses the majority of your muscles.

Rock-Climbing is good for muscles. However, it is not only about muscle-power. It promotes the growth, and development of your cognitive skills. You will have a sharp memory as you continue to climb. Such drastic change helps to fight depression.

NOTE- Rock-Climbing is not good for persons with heart-conditions.

Running shoes or hiking shoes?

Running shoes or hiking shoes

For balanced hiking, it’s better to prefer hiking boots. Running shoes are also good but they are flexible. So, they fail to provide support to your ankles, or feet.

For traditional hiking, trail runners are the perfect choice for you. Whereas, hiking boots are better on a rugged surface. For instance, when going for climbing the rocks. Difference between running, and hiking shoes.

  • Running shoes are built for flat, whereas, hiking shoes are for rugged surface
  • The grip, and traction of hiking shoes are very good. However, they are not up to the mark in running shoes
  • Soles of hiking shoes are wider, and broader. In running shoes, it is vice-versa,
  • The quality of construction is in the favor of running shoes. They are flexible, and lightweight. On the same token, hiking shoes are sturdy, and ridged.

Final words

Rock-Climbing is intensive but an awarding skill as well. You will be benefitted from a sharp mind, and a healthy body through climbing. You can enjoy the activity alone or with your loved ones.

Rock-climbing is a difficult task. But with practice, and patience you can tackle longer, and harder climbs.

Valley Proud is perfect place for those who love doing great outdoor activities. The site shares knowledge about camping, fishing, rock climbing, and a lot more. All the information shared on the website came after a long life personal experience of both of the owners.

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