Everything You Need To Know About VPNs and The Advantages They Give You

Today over a billion people connect to the internet for various purposes either for business or leisure. Ranging from the smallest devices to desktop computers in your home and office, connecting with the worldwide web has become a natural activity in our daily lives. However, where there is a large enough gathering of people and data exchanges there is also a real threat of creeping into the system to take advantage of its weaknesses. And this is where VPN comes in, aside from its security it also bolsters privacy and allows for a more worry-free online activity around the globe.

What is a VPN?

It stands for Virtual Private Network, the term “private” applies because once you connect through it, the network creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the server that operates the VPN. All the traffic that passes through the tunnel is secured from anything that compromises your privacy. And because of the server between you and the sites you visit, it would appear that the connection is between the site and server. This masks your location and identity.

Real-world Application

Let’s say you’re a digital nomad and your work takes you to places where you’d have to sometimes rely on public WiFi for internet connection. More often than not, you’d automatically connect without any reservations, especially when time is of the essence, however, this will leave you exposed to data theft when you go online.

A VPN will allow you to connect to that same network without any worries about your data getting intercepted. And if you (like a digital nomad) frequently connect to the internet from various places or even at home, you can enjoy a high level of security at affordable prices with a 3-year plan, knowing you’ll get the most out of it with your usage. Your privacy and security are only a couple of the advantages you’ll have when you’re using a VPN.

Other Advantages

As explained above the main purpose why you need a VPN is for your data security and privacy, but there are also other perks that a VPN can provide:

Bypass Censorship

Some countries have censorship that limits your access to certain sites and services. This is one of the popular reasons why people love VPNs because it can bypass those restrictions and lets you enjoy unmitigated access to services that you love from all over the globe. It practically puts the power back to your hands.

Improved Performance

A lot of tests have shown that VPNs can improve performance by improving bandwidth and usage efficiency. This is a big deal for gamers and a lot of them are seeking to get the optimum connectivity for their games and activities.

Remote Access

Businesses are using VPNs because it allows them to access data in the network from wherever. By merely logging in to the network, employees, executives, and shareholders have access to the files and can transfer those files safely within the network. This also makes it convenient as you virtually have your data with you at all times.

However, you are connected to the internet, you’ll always have to mind your security and make the most of the services. Choosing the right VPN that can grant you protection from being tracked is also important. With so many service providers around, you’ll need to be wary of choosing the best provider for your needs.