Everything you should know about Customized neon lightsaber

Lightsabers of the latest generation have come and are more potent than ever. By simply pressing a button, the sabers’ premium materials are triggered, producing an intense, bright glow.

You can fully immerse yourself in your fantasy world with them because they are made with a premium LED light strip inside the blade that mimics the appearance of a real saber.

With these incredible Sabers, you’ll be able to bring your favorite fantasy to life while also having access to a tonne of extra features, including 34 sound effects and a tonne of blade animations that truly bring them to life in unique ways that no other product can rival. Additionally, they provide lightspeed shipping for each purchase.

Has the moment come for you to join the group? they have brought you the coolest neo-pixel saber shop in the galaxy, so you don’t need to search Ilum or Lothal for a crystal lightsaber blade. Nothing would make us more ardent Star Wars fans than having Ziasabers own personalized sword. You are, fortunately, in the ideal location.

Browse Ziasabers impressive selection of the best lightsaber blades available for purchase, and use their wickedly designed neopixel lightsaber to engage in a real-life battle of the fates.


Have you ever wondered how they manage to conjure up all the magic necessary to create these incredible science-fiction weapons? No, combining some kyber crystal with a plasma blade is not the secret. Their lightsabers are manufactured with a premium polycarbonate neopixel blade and the most opulently designed hilt. Browse their website to see the differences between the various saber and sword blade models they offer.

Their neo-pixel lightsaber hilts are made of sturdy metal construction. These light sabers, which have the ultra-hippest electronics inside, are without a question your preferred dueling tool.

Be on the watch for bombastic lightsaber sales that combine the ideal soundboard, a bright pixel light source, and a heavy-grade polycarbonate blade with the shape and size of your choice. You have the ideal chance to start the Star Wars quest.

Pre-power on, blaster, lock-up, and illumination on collision are just a few of the features that Lightsabers by Ziasabers offer. Additional features can be added to the Proffie Neo Pixel Lightsaber using an SD card. In the RGB saber, the smooth swing, and force function, force function in the ECO neo pixel lightsaber, and smooth swing, force function, and color wheel in the Proffie neo pixel lightsaber make up their update functions. Each and every lightsaber model that is offered on their website includes a battery backward safety feature, an overload system, and an over-discharge feature.

In addition to these, your lightsaber’s sound level can be changed to either no sound, a soft sound, or a loud sound. KyloRen, Darksaber, Fallen Order, ESB Graflex, Ben Solo, and The Flex are among the sound typefaces used in the 9 sound RGB saber and the ECO neo pixel. Kylo Ren, Mandolorian DarkSaber, General Grievous, Darth Vader, Leia, Count Dooku, Cal Kestis, Anakin Sky Walker, Rey Skywalker, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and Rey Skywalker are among the sound typefaces that can be used with the Smooth Swing saber and the Proffie neo pixel saber. More sound typefaces can be added to the Proffie Neo Pixel Saber using an SD card. You can use these rey lightsabers.

The features of each lightsaber model differ.

The Blade

Neopixel blades come in all of their lightsaber models and are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch OD, 2 mm thick, and 92 centimeters long, which you are free to shorten. They are all equipped with an 8 ohm, 2-3 Watt speaker and a 9–12 Watt, 2.1-3.0 Amp LED with single switch support. All versions have a maximum 5V recharge port, while the battery is between 3.7 and 4.2V.


All of them have the option for limitless color changes, and the Proffie Neo Pixel allows for even more customization with an SD card. All versions have adjustable lights that let you choose between steady, slow, and fast flickering. In the Proffie Neo Pixel, however, you can add an SD card to install additional effects. The Proffie Neo Pixel Lightsaber Sale is the only event where the SD card choice is offered.


The ECO neo pixel lightsaber and the Smooth Swing lightsaber both have 5 different kinds of background music available, but the Proffie neo pixel saber has over 10 preset background music options with room for more if you enter an SD card.

I recommend Ziasabers for You

Because they have the entire selection of high-end Pixel blades and sabers, Ziasabers is known for this. You can purchase combat- and dueling-ready pixel sabers at Ziasabers that are influenced by primitive weapons. These aren’t the cheapest, but they are still quite reasonable given their features and build quality.

Their pixel-bladed sabers are unique due to their variety of effects. You can completely personalize your pixel saber by selecting the blade’s form, hilt color, and emitting light color.