Exercises You Can Do at Any Age


As we become more and more informed about the world of fitness and about our bodies and how they function as well, it’s understandable that not every kind of workout is suitable for all ages. This is because we know very well that as we get older, our bodies function differently depending on our circumstances and our lifestyles.

Someone who wants to lose weight at 20 is going to have a different workout than someone who is losing weight after 50 because the metabolism, organs and bones are in different conditions in both cases. As a result, they will be advised to have different kinds of workouts and exercises to achieve their goal. There are, however, certain exercises that are safe for people of all ages, and this is why we’ve collected a list for you so that you’re better informed.


Swimming is probably the most beneficial kind of exercise for people of all ages- from the time you’re bone up until you’re well past your 60s or 70s, swimming is always encouraged for people of all ages, regardless of their condition. This is because it works all the muscles in your body, but in a way that is not too strenuous. Another reason why it’s so important and so suitable for all ages is that it is the perfect cardiovascular workout. It regulates your breathing by working the lungs and pumps blood in a way that has it circulating throughout the whole body. So people who have circulatory problems should definitely consider swimming as a workout.


There isn’t a fitness program that is set for people of all ages that doesn’t involve walking or jogging. Walking is a magical recipe for a multitude of ailments and fitness goals. It’s effective for weight loss at any age, keeping the muscles and bones strong, and does wonders for the body’s metabolism and immunity. It’s not heavy duty and you can either go jogging, hiking, or a walk around the block. The movement is important and even if you jog or walk in place at home, this will suffice to make a difference in your body, no matter how old you are.


Stretching is important at every age and it’s imperative before any kind of workout. Yoga in particular is designed in a way that focuses on your breathing and how to align it with the movements that you make in order to stretch your body in a way where circulation is made better. Yoga is a workout that isn’t as intense as other workouts and there are different formations and methods that are specific to different kinds of intensity, conditions and ages.

It’s important that we overcome the perception that just because we are at a certain ago or have a certain condition that we can no longer exercise and stay fit. There is a workout available for people of all ages and they really work wonders to have you feeling great all the time. The exercises we’ve mentioned above are suitable for people of all ages, and you certainly don’t have an excuse anymore!

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