Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Industrial Equipment


When you purchase a machine, you expect it to function without any problems whatsoever and earn a substantial ROI. But that’s not always the case. Machines can malfunction and in some instances, they can injure workers. For this reason, it’s essential to inspect and maintain your installed machinery, as nothing is more important than the health of your employees. And, with proper maintenance, it’s possible to make your machinery last for years to come and ensure the safety of all your employees.

One way to do so is to regularly apply industrial lubrication to your heavy machinery. For this, you will need a grease gun for proper application. Luckily for you, these guns are not expensive, and equipping your employees with this type of tool will help you maintain your heavy machinery in top condition.

Here are a few valuable tips to help you get the most out of your machines. Read on and find out how to keep your employees safe and extend the lifespan of your procured machines.

Scrutinize the entire inspection process

You will likely task a third-party inspection body to review the performance and safety of your installed machines. It’s essential to be present while the inspection is conducted to see how exactly experts carry out this process.

Then, you can communicate to your employees how they can spot the early stages of machine failure or malfunction. Experts can give insight into what you are doing correctly and what you need to pay more attention to.

Scrutinize the entire inspection process

Have a stacked toolbox lying around

Downtimes are a big problem for companies. They can stand in the way of meeting daily goals and bring a lot of problems your way in the form of profit loss and missed deadlines. So, if you are sick of unplanned interruptions, keep a toolbox nearby to get your machinery back and running without a hitch.

That said, the toolbox should not only contain just the old trusty screwdriver and hammer. Procure lock washers, spanners, pliers, torches, clamps, and safety equipment.

When you are dealing with industrial machinery, you will always need lubrication to prevent machine wear. The thicker the applied grease is, the lower the chances of your machine and its components sustaining wear. This translates into an increase in uptime and a boost in production.

Grease can be easily applied with a grease gun, but the type of grease gun you choose to equip your employees with is up to you. Some of the most popular types are pneumatic grease guns, as well as lever, pistol grip, and cordless grease guns.

Avoid delaying maintenance

It goes without saying that your company’s amenities are the engines behind your business’s product output. So, the more downtime, the less output your industrial facility will have.

One way to avoid downtime is to maintain all of your machines in top condition. If you hire individuals who will be responsible for the maintenance of your heavy machinery, you can expect downtimes to be reduced drastically.

With the right people in your workforce, you can ensure the upkeep of your machinery and reduce downtime. Task your technicians to record everything in a database so that maintenance and human error never come to pass.

Handle components with care

While metal components are sturdy, it does not mean that they should be handled without care. Set clear guidelines on how certain materials and components should be handled and train your employees to achieve total compliance.

Besides that, the place from which you procure those components needs to be reputable and provide you with only high-quality components for your machinery.

Listen to your operators

Your employees/operators spend the most time with the machines. They know when the machine is not performing up to standards and can inform you to take action before any substantial damage occurs.

It’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse as a lack of swift action can result in severe machine wear. On top of that, the products you are tasked with producing can turn out subpar, leading to your business losing its reputation.

Bottom line

Keeping your amenities up and running should be your top priority. If everything runs like clockwork, you can expect to reach all your set milestones and maintain high safety levels in your factory.

Employees will respect you for your dedication to safety, while clients will value your professionalism and attention to detail. Equip your employees with safety and maintenance equipment, and regularly ask them to provide feedback on how you can make the workplace safer and more productive.

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