Explaining why WWE is so popular


When it comes to sports entertainment, WWE has regularly delivered for its fans over the years. It has built up a huge following, with shows put on every week.
To some, the passionate and support of those who attend and watch these events across the world might be baffling. After all, we know the fighting isn’t real, and the storylines will be scripted.

However, that doesn’t prevent regulars tuning in each week to follow the action, and here we outline why WWE is so popular with so many people.

They have huge events

Firstly, you have to say that some of the events that WWE put on are extravagant. The next major one in the schedule is Royal Rumble, which will see 30 athletes battle it out to be the last in the ring. Daniel Bryan is the favourite in the latest Royal Rumble odds, and fans will be desperate to see if he can deliver.

Away from that, the pinnacle of the game is WrestleMania, which creates a spectacle like no other in WWE. Over 100,000 fans attended in 2016, which is an all-time record, however crowds regularly exceed 70,000.

When you combine that atmosphere with the bright lights, colour and tension that comes with watching, it makes for remarkable viewing, even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a ticket.

The athletes are highly skilled

Another reason for the popularity is because many appreciate the skill and sacrifice that these individuals have made to reach the top. Even if the contact isn’t genuine, what the stars have to do takes time to perfect.

Watching athletes fly through the air as they jump from the top rope or as they perform dangerous signature moves is thoroughly entertaining. You are watching individuals who have reached the top of their profession.

It appeals to all

With WWE, there will be a whole range of fans in the sport, as it have been prominent in giving women a chance to perform. And, when it comes to Royal Rumble, WrestleMania or just a normal show every week, women wrestlers will be involved, as they have huge fights and major storylines. That opens WWE up to a bigger audience, and it also shows that anyone can reach the top of this industry.

It attracts high-profile stars

Finally, if that wasn’t enough, you also get the chance to see some huge stars in WWE. From Wayne Rooney to Ronda Rousey to Tyson Fury, many famous faces have appeared in shows over the years, and there will be more to follow!

Ultimately, WWE is something that has enjoyed huge growth since it first came onto the scene in the 80s. As you can see, there are several reasons for that, but the main one is that they provide great entertainment for the fans, which is why that growth is showing no signs of slowing down right now.

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