Explore the New Side of Green Fashion With Vegan Handbags


Are vegan handbags even a thing? Well, of course, yes. They are very much in fashion, and many companies are manufacturing some stunning ones. Some of the biggest brands in the industry have realised the importance of opposing animal cruelty. So they have turned vegan in the wake of rising awareness towards the environment and all creatures.

Veganism is a notion that takes a toll on everyone’s mindsets. People have become compassionate, and along with eating only plant products, they have changed their fashion choices. And we are fortunate enough to have cruelty-free fashion choices, whether faux leather belts, backpacks, and vegan handbags. Because of many designer’s determination, it is easier than ever to wear sustainable, ethical, and animal-free clothes and accessories.

Many researchers also have proved that shifting from a regular diet to only a plant-based diet has positive results. Not only our health but also the environmental condition improves when we use fewer animal products. For all those who care about people’s wellbeing, mother nature, and all valued creatures, vegan fashion is the perfect advancement.

Apart from vegans, other people choose to go against cruelty as much as possible, even though they are not vegan in their daily lives. Vegan fashion is not a matter of a few days or a few people; it is meant to be extended to a far-reaching audience. Today, some products like cotton t-shirts and jeans do not contain animal byproducts in the technically ahead fashion trends. Still, the prominence of using vegan and cruelty-free has increased lately. It pricks the buyers’ conscience and pushes them to purchase a product that does not harm any animals in any context. It also persuades them to choose a vegan lifestyle in their daily lives, including their eating habits, consumption, cosmetics, fashion, etc.

Even if you do not believe yourself to be a vegan, you will be tempted to create vegan fashion, the new black in the industry.

What is a vegan fashion?

To better comprehend vegan fashion, you need to understand the meaning of the word “vegan”. Being vegan is a state where people do not consume anything made from animals or have caused harm to animals in any way. Veganism promotes a healthy, sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free lifestyle. For example, vegans do not consume dairy because it harms dairy animals like cows and hens. They do not use anything made from leather because it involves killing and slaughtering animals to use their skin.

In short, animals must not be harmed in any manner by any person.

Neither they eat animal meat in any form. It being said, vegans are the ones who are in favour of sustaining the environment by not killing animals for their consumption and maintaining a balance in the ecosystem.

Vegan fashion or green fashion is a trend in the fashion industry that again promotes harmless and ethical manufacturing of stylish accessories and apparels. Cruelty-free accessories include products without fur, wool, and leather, like vegan handbags, backpacks, jackets, belts, etc., which are made without exploiting animals.

Why choose Vegan Handbags?

Everything has some reasons to happen or even exist. Vegan fashion is no exception. There are many reasons to choose vegan handbags, the most prominent being ethics and conscience. When one gets to know the back story of how leather bags are made, they would question themselves. And why would you let animals suffer when you have counterparts of leather in the form of vegan products?

Another reason may be the impact on the environment. Since animal agriculture has a significant impression on the ground, many people choose vegan and harmless products as their contribution to saving the environment. Some people choose vegan because of allergies or intolerance towards animal products. It is also a significant reason why people go to vegan handbags rather than regular bags.

Animals are also living creatures who do not exist for us to use. We are born as humans, with the ability to speak and understand does not give us the right to kill other creatures who are equally vital for the sustenance of the environment. It is not okay to kill animals for your pair of shoes or a stylish accessory. That is inhumane.

In the fashion and beauty industry, vegan and cruelty-free are two separate terms used interchangeably. Vegan products do not contain any animal and animal delivered substance or their byproducts. And, cruelty-free means the product is not tried and tested on animals. Green fashion insists on prohibiting the use of animals to make the initial product as well as to test the final product.

Although they are interchanged, there is a vast difference between the two. The products might not be made using animals or animal byproducts, but they may be tested on one. So is it okay to use such items? Because such brands may not be called vegan brands. So if you want to go completely vegan, here are some suggestions that can help you.

  • Check on the details of the company. There are various pillars to rate a company, and one among them is animal welfare. So you can check whether the brand is investing in animal welfare or not.
  • PETA vets some brands. Such organisations can be trusted blindly. You can faithfully buy their products.
  • When you buy something, you can find a vegan logo on it. Or you can check the list of sustainable green fabrics used to make vegan handbags.
  • Look out for brands that offer vegan and cruelty-free products. Shift to these brands from your existing ones.

Choosing vegan is beneficial for all of us; the animals, the environment, the humans. And mainly leather, it is more durable when it is faux. That is, vegan leather has more long-lasting and durable qualities as compared to animal leather. And there are several wardrobe benefits that you can avail of when you shift to vegan handbags. No matter what you believe, the only important thing we want to instil is compassion towards the mute animals who can not speak for themselves.


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