Explorer’s Essentials: How to Plan Out Your First Wilderness Adventure


Life is made for adventure. Sure there are routines, responsibility and regular activities – but that is what makes the adventure all the more fun. It is a break from the mundane, from the daily grind. Getting outdoors, exploring, camping and hiking are just the ticket to break away from the stresses of modern life.

But if you’re not prepared you could get into hot water (or cold water, for that matter). Let’s learn about the explorer’s essentials and find out how to plan your first wilderness adventure.

Acquire a Decent Torch

You’re going to need an excellent torch for your outdoor adventure, like a LED Lenser. This is because you’re going to have to do things at night without the modern convenience of electric lighting. You may have to set up a tent and other parts of your camp after sunset, and you must have a great source of light to do this with. So, before you embark on your trip, purchase a good LED torch.

Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be

This is an essential step for your safety. Even if you’re planning an overnight camping trip close to the city, you need to let someone know your exact location ahead of time. Also, let them know when you expect to be back and make an arrangement to shoot them a text message or call them when you come back. This way, if something were to happen to you (however unlikely), that person can raise the alarm if you don’t return when you are meant to.

If you’re planning an extended trip, it can also be a good idea for friends to check on your home every once in a while. That way, if something goes wrong, it can be fixed quickly without you having to get back to a disaster.

Pack Water and Food

If you’re active outdoors, you need to stay hydrated, even in colder weather. Pack enough water to drink two litres a day in cold weather and three in hot weather. Also, pack food for your meals and snacks to keep your energy up. If you’re bringing a camping stove, you can pack meat and other perishables to cook. Trail mix is a great snack to keep you going – it’s even named after being out on the wilderness trail.

Pick a Good Spot

You want to pick your camping or hiking spot ahead of time. As this is your first big outdoor trip, try not to pick a difficult position or trail to hike on. Stick with places rated for beginners. You’ll be able to build your way up to more challenging locations with time.

As this is your first time, consider a camping spot within an hour or two of the city. That way, if anything goes awry, you are relatively close to civilisation and assistance if you need it.

Invest in a Good Tent and Sleeping Bag

Your tent is your home while you’re living outdoors. You may be tempted to head to your local bargain department store and get a cheap tent, but these are usually manufactured using cheap materials and can break with a high wind. Spend that little bit extra for a decent tent.

Get a suitable sleeping bag too while you’re at it. Sleeping bags are rated according to temperature. If you’re heading out in winter, check the forecast for the minimum temperature overnight and match your sleeping bag to it. For example, a negative degrees celsius sleeping bag is suitable if it gets that cold overnight at your location.

A Campground Conclusion

You need to purchase a decent LED torch for your first big outdoor trip. Make sure you notify someone of where you will be and arrange to contact them when you return. Pack adequate hydration and sustenance to keep your body fuelled. Pick a good, safe spot ahead of time and make sure it’s not too far away. Finally, invest in a decent tent and sleeping bag, so you’re comfortable.

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