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Exploring Europe: Top Things to Try in Your Lifetime

Exploring Europe Top Things to Try in Your Lifetime

There are no shortcomings when it comes to things you can try in Europe. The continent is as large as it is lush and has many experiences you need to try in your lifetime. And, after all, who doesn’t dream of skiing on the slopes of the Italian Dolomites or driving the Golden Circle of Iceland? The best part about Europe is that you can visit multiple countries in just one trip and immerse yourself in several cultures while finding endless surprises on the way.

But, now that you know you want to see Europe, another dilemma comes: because the continent is so vast and has plenty of cultures, you might not know where to start. But don’t worry, we have a few ideas and suggest you try some of the experiences you need to have before you die. Also, no matter where you choose to go, you need to bring some essentials with you, like a Europe eSIM, that will let you stay connected with your family while you have the time of your life.

Curious to find out some worthy destinations and activities to try? Here are some of them.

Rent a car and drive the Golden Circle in Iceland

Spanning 190 miles and starting from the capital, Reykjavik, The Golden Circle is one of the best ways to explore Iceland’s natural wonders and incredible geography. From geothermal geysers to towering waterfalls and so much in between, you have a lot to experience in this lovely country. You will surely be amazed by the beauty of nature, so give yourself the freedom to take it all in. Don’t forget to opt for the best  eSIM for Europe  to tell your loved ones at home about the breathtaking landscapes you have seen on your journey.

Sweat like a local in one of Finland’s sauna

Finns have a sauna culture that is very rooted in their culture and religion, so if you find yourself in Finland, you need to try it and be faithful to their identity. If you want to do this in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, then you will be spoiled for choice, as you have many alternatives here. You can opt for the minimalistic and sleek Löyly, as it offers excellent services and has a lovely terrace and a sustainable Finish restaurant. Or you can head to Uunisaari, a short ferry from Helsinki, and serve a coffee here with the locals. Whenever you choose to go, if there is water nearby, try to do as Finns do and jump in it. You might as well consider it your baptism in this lovely country.

Bike along Amsterdam’s canals

Amsterdam is a city that needs to be seen on two wheels, as for the city’s residents, it is a way of life to get around by bike. So, when you are in Amsterdam, you need to rent a bicycle and explore the famous canals, such as Prinsengracht, where you have the chance to see the 17th-century waterways and canal houses. Or, you can also take a serene ride in Vondelpark, exceptionally breathtaking in the fall and spring. But make sure you know the rules on the road and don’t make mistakes like stopping in the middle of the bike lanes or not using hand-to-turn signals. Otherwise, locals will remind you how you should act on the road. Embarking on a journey through Europe’s wonders is an unforgettable experience, and doing so sustainably can enrich your travels further. In Why Is Sustainable Travel Important and How Can You Practice It?, we delve into the significance of eco-conscious travel choices and provide actionable tips to help you embrace sustainability on your European adventure, ensuring that the beauty you experience is preserved for future generations.

Hit the slopes of the Dolomites in Italy

Thanks to the picture-perfect resorts and breathtaking sceneries, skiing in the Dolomites is quite an experience to try, as it has an out-of-this-world feel. The Italian Dolomites might not be the tallest, but they do have a unique feature and high-rise effect. The Dolomiti Superski is a varied and vast ski destination where visitors can access 15 ski resorts and 745 miles of slopes in Trentino, Veneto, and South Tyrol. But what about the food? Well, you need to know that besides the plenty of pistes, the Italian Dolomites also have talented chefs who prepare dishes with talent while using the best ingredients. Alpine herbs, berries, farm-fresh dairy, smoked meats, and mushrooms pop up on menus that perfectly blend the place’s coziness with the Italian finesse.

Visit Prague’s Christmas markets

You need to head to Prague during Christmas to explore its in-your-face-festive and wonderfully kitsch markets. Prague is recognized as one of the best experiences where you will get a truly authentic Christmas feeling. In the icy evenings, you will see how the Old Town Square is decorated with sparkling lights and the adorned and impossible big Christmas tree that you will surely not miss.

Get the best views of Venice

In Venice, getting a bird’s eye view is quite challenging because high-rises don’t exist, but that doesn’t apply to the terrace atop the mall Fondaco dei Tedeschi. So, if you want to have the best views of Venice, you need to head to the rooftop at this mall. But, keep in mind that the mall offers luxury shopping that might be tempting, so to arrive at the rooftop, you will need to avoid temptation, which awaits you on every floor. If you reach the rooftop, you will have the best view over the beautiful Venice.

Glimpse the old-school Italian craftsmanship in San Niccolo

San Niccolo is the oldest district in Florence and an absolutely amazing destination you need to see at least once in your lifetime. The town’s medieval past echoes through each old cobblestone street, and it is also a peaceful location where you can take in the city at your own pace, as it is not as packed with tourists. San Niccolo is the kind of place that will offer the perfect atmosphere to meet with a friend for a coffee without having to fight over a seat at the restaurant. Another factor that makes San Niccolo unique is that the ethic of artisans and artists is everywhere, in workshops, studios or galleries. Here, you can buy authentic pieces, watch a jeweler-maker at work, or see fantastic street art.

Which of these experiences do you want to try next?

As you embark on adventures across Europe, some of you might be tempted to try high-risk sports available in the region. Before you do, it’s essential to be informed about safety. Our article, What Are the Critical Safety Measures for High-Risk Sports?, offers valuable insights into the precautions and preparations necessary for safely enjoying these thrilling activities.

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