Exploring The World Of 6 Free Dropshipping Suppliers: A Comprehensive Review


The market of dropshipping wholesalers is bombarded; with e-commerce store owners left having the complication of choosing the ideal one! While having numerous free dropshipping suppliers to select from is beneficial it’s also a daunting task.

As a result of a handful of things, an existing or new e-commerce store owner has to consider from inventory management to quality, quantity and shipping while doing the search. To ease this daunting task for drop shippers let’s explore the world of 6 free dropshipping suppliers who can fulfil your e-commerce store requirements:

Shewin Wholesale

A renowned fashion brand known for its charming southern women’s apparel collection Shewin comes packing tons of benefits for dropshippers. You can expect stylish trendy clothing at affordable prices along with dropshipping with no money by choosing Shewin as your supplier.

Shewin is a manufacturer with a production capacity of 100,000 daily with numerous clothing choices from wholesale tops, bottoms wear, sweaters, dresses to related accessories.


  • A dedicated customer services
  • Streamline the fulfilment of your order troublefree
  • No need to manage inventory
  • Zero starting fee for drop shippers
  • Shopify’s API available
  • Convenient website setup with product images and info provided


  • Clothing available only for women


Widely known as one of the world’s largest marketplaces for drop shippers and many other businesses Aliexpress connects you to a diverse range of suppliers as well as products from China. From electronics, agriculture, education, furniture, and clothes to anything you can probably think is available at Ailexpress.

Although AliExpress won’t offer services like Shewin for inventory management and API for setting up a website, suppliers available on the platform may offer them.


  • Suitable prices for each product available
  • Find several drop shipping wholesalers for one product
  • Offers a buyer protection policy securing you from any dispute


  • Shipping chargers along with times can be high depending on the supplier.
  • Choosing a supplier can be troublesome amidst several available
  • Quality checking can be a hassling task
  • Starting shipping with no money is an issue


Through Salehoo, you can access a directory curated with 8000 plus verified drop shipping wholesalers for you to contact. Starting dropshipping with Salehoo will save you the trouble of doing in-depth research yourself as they are already the best in the field supplier listed on their platform.


  • Get recommendations for high-profit products
  • Negotiate conveniently with the supplier
  • Shopify’s API provided
  • Automate most of your dropshipping status


  • Retail order prohibited by the platform
  • Stock shortage can be an issue


Working as an aggregator between you and suppliers Doba is a huge platform listed with a handful of drop shipping wholesalers suppliers by simplifying your product’s search.


  • Integration with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Wix and many more provided.
  • High-profit product recommendations available
  • Simplify order tracking


  • Pricing is sometimes higher than the competition
  • Dropshipping with no money is not possible due to the monthly subscription


Oberlo is known for convenient integration with Shopify allowing e-commerce store owners to create stores without much challenges.


  • Live order tracking
  • Shopify app exclusive to Oberlo users
  • Connect with free dropshipping suppliers


  • Only exclusive to Shopify
  • Bowser plugins are hard to use


Creating products unique to your dropshipping store is possible with free dropshipping suppliers such as Printful which provides printing services for several products.


  • No inventory management required
  • A monthly subscription is not required
  • Has a mobile application
  • Shipping is reliable and cheap


  • Limited products available
  • Prices are not competitive

Final Verdict

A world of free dropshipping suppliers is significantly beneficial for doing dropshipping and earning hefty profits. Using Shewin will allow you to start dropshipping with no money while other platforms like Salehoo require you to negotiate with suppliers personally. So choose depending on the type of e-commerce store you want to launch along with the pros and cons mentioned!

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