Exploring What It’s Like Studying In Australia

Going to study abroad is an exciting prospect and once your mind is set, something that you can’t wait to dive into and get the ball rolling, but there should be a few things you look into before making the journey to another country. We need to ensure that we have made the right choice about what we are going to study as it could end up being an expensive mistake if you want to turn around and come back after a few months, and we need to discover what it’s like studying somewhere like Australia. 

If you’ve decided you want to study down under then here are a few tips as to what it’s like. 

It’s Massive 

If you’re coming from any relatively small country then Australia will seem enormous, there is so much space and it feels as though it’s less densely populated than many other places. Take your time to get out and explore everything it has to offer because before you know it your time as a student will be up and you’ll have to leave the country due to your visa. Many people make the mistake of not having fun as well as studying and you don’t want your time abroad to end up being a regret. 

It’s Friendly 

Studying abroad will give you a common connection with everyone doing the same, but also everyone is studying at that university. Making friends will never feel easier than when you’re in Australia especially if you choose the right accommodation to stay in whilst you’re there, whilst some decide to seek their own house or apartment others chose to live in student accommodation. When it comes to choosing your accommodation then it’s worth having a look around, take a look at https://studentone.com/ for some premium student accommodation, this could save you money, in the long run, having free access to a pool, gym, games room, and cinema are all extras you would otherwise have to pay for. On top of that, you will be surrounded by like-minded students all there to have a good time and gain a degree, the perfect co-learners to have around. 

It’s Not That Scary 

There’s one thing we all think about when we think of Australia and that’s the wildlife, it’s known to be full of poisonous animals and creatures such as spiders and snakes and that’s enough to put anyone off. But you’re saying it’s not that scary? That’s right, in populated cities it will be rare to find critters that will cause you any distress, this will happen if you’re exploring the outback. I’m not guaranteeing you won’t see anything in populated areas and the fact is if you do get bitten there is a process in place to get you treatment quickly, so there’s really nothing to worry about. 

Australia and that’s the wildlife

The Nightlife is Great 

No matter where you go you’ll find some decent nightlife, whether it be out in the sticks in a small bar or around a campfire or in a major city with metropolis style clubs surrounding you. There are amazing DJs that travel out to Australia to perform in the clubs and everyone is out to have a good time, you might encounter the odd bouncer that wants to find out every detail of your evening before you enter the club but most of the time they’re just trying to see if you’ve had too much to drink. Stay chilled and you’ll have an amazing night out. 

It’s Relaxed 

This is in more ways than one when talking about Australia, the people and the general feel of the place is one that is usually chilled. A healthy mind and healthy living is a priority for so many people that you won’t often find things causing stress. Even when we talk about university work it seems to be a lot more chilled out than other countries, there is a lot of flexibility when talking about the modules you’ve taken and there isn’t a huge amount of pressure to pass any exams the first time. Having a culture that isn’t negative around resitting exams means you can relax and try and do your best the first time and no worries if you don’t, you can always take it again. 

There’s loads of research you can do to solidify your decision to study abroad in Australia, and I would suggest doing as much as possible. Remember to look at the negative points about being there as well as the positives to give you the best idea of what it will actually be like and you’ll be ready to make your decision. A tip for you, try and avoid driving in dusk and dawn, the kangaroos seem to be out in force at this time and it’s hard to see them coming.