Eyelash Extensions: What You Should Know


Let us just face it: eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascara may come in the way of achieving lengthy outstanding eyelashes. Away from that, falsies may be a fantastic option save for the fact that they are not durable. As such, eyelash extensions could be your best option if you intend to be a glamour-puss for weeks.

As a form of facials cosmetic treatment, eyelash extensions are common, with beauty parlours providing eyelash extensions springing up everywhere. Nonetheless, there are a few things that you need to consider before determining whether it’s right for you. Let’s take a look at all that you should understand regarding eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions: What Are They?

Eyelash extensions comprise extensions with lash strands usually hand-glued over your natural lashes for a short-lived look. They’re not as intense as they may seem. In contrast to strip lashes, eyelash extensions are put on independently, making them more adjustable and realistic-looking. Contact lashify if you are looking for natural eyelash extensions.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Stay On?

Lash extensions stay on for between six weeks to two months, sometimes even longer if you care for them properly until they fall out naturally as your natural lashes do. However, if they begin falling off, then you should return to your eyelash stylist to have the missing ones filled in; so practically,  your lash extensions can last forever.

Are Lash Extensions Harmful To Your Real Eyelashes?

Nope, not so much proof exists to ascertain that lash extension can potentially harm your natural lash health or length. Experts, however, say that there’s a modest possibility of getting traction alopecia; this is when your natural eyelashes drop off due to the continuous load of recurrent lash extensions. All the same, do not be alarmed; it is not so frequent.

Experiencing long-term eyelash deterioration can typically be attributed to long periods of poor application and incorrect maintenance.

Therefore, it would be helpful if you only visited reputable beauty parlours with excellent reviews. Do not just visit any salon regardless of how sweet their Groupon offer seems.  Also, be sure that the professional attending you clean their hands between customers, has a mask on, utilizes hygienic pillow coverings, sanitizes their instruments, and utilizes throwaway eyelash brushing. You shouldn’t also be afraid to question your specialist on whether they’ve followed all these precautions.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

As long as your technician follows the correct procedures and uses the appropriate products, your lash extensions won’t be hazardous. Inquire from the beauty specialists on the chemical components of lash glue that they usually use before making your booking.

Assuming that you’re unable to get a response from them, you should not let them attend to you; this is because if they’re inexperienced, then it’s not a good idea to let them work around your face, especially your eyelids.

At the same time, if they tell you that their glue has formaldehyde, which is an eye irritant, then cancel your booking with them. Such irritations can trigger irritation, redness, itchiness and cause your eyelids to swell. Always choose studios that utilize glues with octyl cyanoacrylate and butyl cyanoacrylate. Unlike formaldehyde, they’re less hazardous to your eye region and thus a safe option save for the fact that they can be expensive.

What Is The Cost Of Getting Lash Extensions?

Bespoke lash extensions are the finest. The costs of getting extensions depend on your salon of choice but expect to pay between 120 dollars to 300 dollars for essential services. Since eyelashes develop and fall off over time, you’re supposed to return for their fill-ins after some weeks; this may cost anything between 50 dollars to 165 dollars based on the number of required lashes. Ensure that you find a pair of extensions that match the shape of your eyes and the length of your lashes before you get lash extensions.

Should You Wear Makeup To Your Lash Extension Appointment?

No, you shouldn’t. Arrive for your session without eye makeup when your skin is clear. That implies no mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow at all because if you’ve got any lashes or lead, they may damage the look of your extensions. Thus, ensure you cleanse your skin first.

Should Eyelash Extensions Be Brushed?

Since lash extensions can become intertwined whenever you’re asleep or taking a bath, it’s important to brush them softly with neat brushes as soon as you’re up in the morning or after taking a shower to keep them straight. Further, you can avoid lash tangling by sleeping on your side and back rather than your belly. If possible, use pillowcases made of silk which are easy on lash extensions.











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