Face to face learning is superior to online learning

There are different reasons that would make learners choose online learning over face to face learning in the traditional approach. Even with that, face to face learning remains superior to online learning in a number of ways. However, whatever choice made by a learner is based on their needs and what they want to accomplish throughout their learning process.

For someone who already preoccupied with other things and wants to go for higher education, the online approach may work perfectly for them. Help from popular  culture  essays can come in handy for students pursuing studies in this area.

Online learning vs. Face to Face Learning

Learning becomes a huge possibility for those preoccupied with other things like work. Instead of quitting their job to go to study, they can find ample time to attend an online class and continue with the two concurrently. A lot of logistics and travel are minimized in this kind of set up where learners are required to be in a physical classroom.

Face to face learning, on the other hand, encourages a physical presence and a one on one interaction with teachers and student colleagues. Learning happens with a direct connection between the learner and teachers alongside other students. For that reason, it is not suitable for those seeking to do different things as they learn.

Taking a face to face learning approach is most applicable for learners, especially at the early levels of learning. Introducing a learner to anything is more effective in a one on one discussion.  If one feels that they are comfortable with the introduction, then they can choose online learning instead of going to a physical class.

Why Face to Face Learning Wins

The choice of a face to face learning approach is most effective over the online approach because of a number of things. It is most applicable for:

Enhanced concentration and focus. Learners in a face to face learning set up are not easily distracted, as would be the case in an online arrangement. Therefore, any discipline that would require maximum attention is best done in a face to face classroom.

 Effective socialization and interaction. A face to face learning set up is ideal for healthy interactions that will lead to more learning. Students can seek more and more clarifications in their learning, unlike in an online platform. The hassle of typing issues seeking answers does not exist as learners speak directly to their tutors.

Complex Disciplines. Introducing complex lessons is best done in a one on one engagement in an online platform. Therefore, this approach wins over an online one where a lot of time, and other resources may be spent in an effort to teach the learner.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that technology and the internet have made online learning possible. However, there is a cost to pay to choose online learning over face to face learning. The former has been informed by our busy lives – that does not mean it is better. Face to face approach is still more effective than online learning.