Factors to Consider in Planning for Night White Water Rafting Colorado

Since Colorado became known as one of the best white water rafting destinations, people keep on trying to test their skills and scratch one item of their bucket list. Bordered by the great Colorado Rockies and the exciting running whitewater, locals and tourists just can’t get enough of what the state can offer.

Most people may be familiar with day-time white water rafting Colorado tours, but only a few are aware of the beauty and thrill of overnight rafting trips. For those who have experienced this, the effort they exerted planning the trip is truly worthwhile.

Understanding the following factors of an overnight white water rafting Colorado can help you and your crew has an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Assess the difficulty level your group can handle

Just like any day-time rafting trip, you have to consider your group’s safety seriously. Determine your group’s collective difficulty level and plan your trip according to this assessment. Consider the fitness level, swimming ability, and minimum age of the members to come up with the right overnight whitewater rafting plan.

Consider the weather and the water levels

After assessing your group’s difficulty level, the next things to consider are the weather conditions and the water levels during your planned trip. The water levels in Colorado typically fluctuate all through the summer season as a result of the melting of snow. The changing levels of water can substantially affect the feasibility and difficulty level of some trips. Start planning in June when water is on its peak. The lowest water flow is in the latter part of August. The flow of water may also limit your rafting options, so it’s best to really plan ahead of time.

Where to go rafting?

Most multi-day rafting trips are reserved for Colorado’s biggest rivers. Big rivers offer the best floating experience that can run for a few days because of its reliable water flow, camping options, and length. While many activities can be done on 2-day rafting trips, longer rafting trips are usually reserved for the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers.

How many days you should choose?

Most rafting trips in Colorado can last from 2 days to 6 days. Many people think that these days will be uncomfortable, but those who have tried multi-day trips argue otherwise. It’s actually comfortable, plus you can spend time camping for days while communing with nature and with the river life. For some people, one or two days might not be enough to relax, let go and unwind fully. For these kinds of people, longer overnight trips will be very satisfying.

Gentle currents or wild rapids?

You also need to choose what kind of action you want to experience on your white water rafting trip. Beginners may just want some calm and gentle currents. In this case, the best place to go is the Arkansas or Colorado river. If you’re an expert rafter and you want more action, you can coordinate with Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours and select from their wide array of rafting activities that will quench your thirst for some serious water adventure!